BioStat eCRT software provider for the Medical University of Warsaw


Our system™ will support the research programs of the Medical University of Warsaw. Software will enable long-distance data collection using mobile phones. For Company’s strategy this is another class delivery system for the medical section in recent years.

The company BioStat™ system, has been designed to complex support of research projects such as clinical trials, observational studies, statistical and epidemiological research, databases and registries. Access to the program is possible from anywhere via mobile devices.™ eliminates traditional paper documents produced and collected during project realization. The system allows for long-distance data collection, data management, also includes analytical module for monitoring of the progress and generate basic statistics of the project.™ includes automatic control of entries for verifying the accuracy at the point of data entry. System implementation of modern analytical solutions in effective way eliminates data gaps and reduces the percentage of erroneous entry.
More information about the software produced by the company can be found at: