Research and Development Centre

Biostat. Centrum Badawczo-Rozwojowe.
BioStat® has joined the narrow group of commercial scientific units, which provide scientific and technical support for pharmacy, medicine or energetics, as well as innovative manufacturing companies, IT and many other sectors.

The decision to grant® the status of Research and Development Centre was made by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology. The companies that have obtained the status provide scientific support on a commercial basis to other business entities on the market in terms of implementing innovativeness, inventions and new, improved products, as well as increase the chances of obtaining grants from various types of funds.

At present, 37 companies have R&DC status in Poland (as of June 5, 2019). R&DC research services are mainly used by companies and institutions (including public institutions), that create new solutions and improve products, seek for a market niche, strive to improve their position on the market or increase the attractiveness of their offer. The collaboration with R&DC allows, among others, for effective use of EU funds or grants from the National Centre for Research and Development.

By joining the group of Research and Development Centres, we are aware that this way, we will contribute to the growth of competitiveness of the Polish economy, primarily by increasing research potential. At BioStat® we own technological resources and above all an astonishing scientific and expert staff that enables research and development in the fields that bring particularly valuable innovations – Rafał Piszczek, CEO at BioStat®.
We have developed our unique tools and research methods. Advanced BioStat® systems and applications such as (digital data collection in clinical trials and Data Science automation) are currently used all over the world. Our mission is simply to support the transfer of knowledge from the world of science into business – Ewa Tkocz-Piszczek, PhD
BioStat® develops cooperation with universities, research centres, providers of innovative services and the business world which it exchanges knowledge and competencies with and implements joint projects. It also specialises in the creation and development of software, applications and the environment that allows digitisation and automation of processes, i.e. in the health care sector. This way, the actions performed at BioStat® have a real impact on shortening the time needed for implementation of new medicine to the market and reducing the costs of conducting clinical trials, which in real terms influences the price of the medicament for the patients.
We combine the competencies of a research agency and a software house - as explained by Monika Jaremków, PhD; Director of research at BioStat® - The implemented solutions improve, i.e. the work and reduce the time which the specialists need to spend on administrative tasks. This has a real impact on the accessibility of healthcare for the patients. We also carry out market and marketing research for manufacturing companies from various industries, public institutions and local governments as well as academic centres.
- Enterprises are looking for technologies and innovation that can be commercialised - as stated by Sebastian Musiol, PhD; Expert in methodology at BioStat®.
- Research, meaning expanding and exploring knowledge, make sense to companies as long as the research results can be used in business practice. Research and Development are intended to bring specific benefits.
Research and Development Centres respond to the specific needs of entrepreneurs, therefore adapt to them in order to improve the competitiveness of companies by influencing the quality of services or goods sold.
- To put it briefly, we explore diamonds of knowledge from enormous amounts of data that have been collected by modern science. Then, we help the companies use these diamonds for their market position – as summarised by Marian Płaszczyca, PhD; Data Science Manager at BioStat .
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