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BioStat® is an interdisciplinary team consisting of scientists, statisticians, analysts, biotechnologists, IT managers and innovators. We deal with challenges of practical application of innovative research solutions in business.

Biostat. More than statistics. Biostat. More than statistics.
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Biostat. More than statistics.

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Biostat. More than statistics.
Rafał Piszczek
Graduate of Statistics at the University of Economics in Katowice. He also completed English Studies. He is an author of several dozen scientific publications and papers in terms of applying mining/ quantitative methods in socioeconomic, marketing analyses and in the pharmaceutical industry.
He has acquired scientific experience as an employee of the Department of Econometrics from 2002 to 2012. At that time, he was carrying out a few hundred research and business projects in BioStat. For years, he has cooperated with crucial world pharmaceutical companies (Novartis, Amgen) in scope of managing research programmes and the implementation of the IT solutions.
The originator and the author of innovative applications used to managing research and keeping medical registers such as:,, He was announced to be the Man of the Year in Business field in 2012 in Rybnik. In BioStat and DMSoft he is responsible for a long-term development strategy of the company and the implementation of the innovative solutions.
Biostat. More than statistics.
Ewa Tkocz-Piszczek, PhD
Vice Chairman
Doctor of Engineering in Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. What is more, a graduate of English Studies. A researcher and a lecturer at the Mathematical Institute of the Silesian Technical University from 2003 to 2010. An author of several dozen academic publications and the participant in numerous national and foreign conferences.
For an over decade, she is gaining experience in coordinating and managing research projects in scope of the market research, opinion research, social survey and the evaluation. The manager or the member of the research team in over 200 projects.
In BioStat, she is responsible for managing and inspecting projects.She improves the development of the company as well.
Privately, she is a great promoter of all forms of the personal development. For over ten years, she is practising yoga which is for her a versatile form of not only physical, but also intellectual training.
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