Investigator initiated studies

at the Research and Development Center
for universities and research units

Knowledge transfer from the world of research to the world of science.

The domain of the BioStat® Research and Development Center is not only the transfer of knowledge from the world of science to the world of business, but also the simultaneous openness to the scientific community and supporting them with their professional research and analytical knowledge.

Badania naukowe
Preparation of research methodology
  • Establishing the goals and areas of the study
  • Selection of research methods / techniques
  • Selection of the sampling / sampling method
  • Development of research tools
  • Selection of methods of statistical analysis
Badania naukowe
Research implementation and data collection
  • Database design and implementation
  • Recruitment of respondents
  • Data acquisition, surveying
  • Supervision and administration of the data collection process
  • Preparation of data for analysis
Badania naukowe
Analysis of the research material
  • One- and multidimensional statistical analyses, qualitative analyses
  • Correlations, statistical models, tests
  • Survival analyses (Kaplan-Meier curves)
  • Reports and interim analyses
Badania naukowe
Preparation of a statistical report
  • Preparation of the final study report
  • Graphical preparation of the results
  • Elaboration of results in accordance with the standards of the ISI Master Journal List (also known in Poland as Philadelphia List)

Our research and analyzes are the foundation of the highest quality scientific work. Knowledge and experience allow us to effectively support research projects co-financed from EU funds and grant projects, as well as individual scientific works or research and development works - our scientific research helps, among others in obtaining funding for R&D projects.

The full scope of the research process includes the development of the research methodology, its implementation and analysis of the collected data, and the preparation of a statistical report. We carry out both the full-scale research and its selected stages, e.g. a survey or data analysis.

As part of the above, we offer scientific entities as well as independent researchers and scientists:

  • comprehensive substantive assistance;
  • support (including field research);
  • expert statistical service of the survey;
  • consultations and assistance in the field of statistical issues;
  • support for commercial and scientific research programs in the field of medicine and pharmacy - we support clinical trials for phases I-IV, we conduct observational, educational, epidemiological, PMS and HTA studies;
  • preparation of professional analyzes in accordance with the requirements of the ISI Master Journal List (also known in Poland as Philadelphia List).

BioStat® eCRF
Data collection and management in research.

Badania naukowe Clinical trials Scientific Research Medical Registries Observational studies

Trust the experts

The BioStat® research team consists of experienced researchers and specialists in the field of applied mathematics, biostatistics, econometrics and data management with extensive scientific achievements and business experience. So far, we have supported several dozen projects carried out by scientists from all over the country under various grant programs. What makes us unique:

  • cooperation with the majority of Polish research institutes and academic units as well as with independent experts and scientists employed at renowned universities;
  • experience in providing support for commercial and scientific research programs for the medical sector;
  • compliance with the standards of the ISI Master Journal List (Philadelphia List)
  • the use of a wide range of quantitative and qualitative techniques in the research process;
  • eCRF.bizTM research project management system.

Our Expert Team

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Monika Jaremków
Monika Jaremków, PhD
Director of Research

Frequently asked questions.

What sets our experts apart from the competition?
The specialists from Biostat stand out primarily for their professionalism, reliability, and meticulousness. They have thousands of conducted studies of various kinds to their credit. They are full of passion, and their creativity in solving individual problems knows no bounds.
What is the cost of an academic study at Biostat?
There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. In reality, the cost of each study is determined individually. It depends on various factors such as the number of questions, the research problem at hand, and whether additional analysis of the obtained results is commissioned to our experts. The cost of the study also depends on how engaging the research is for our employees.
What quantitative research techniques do we employ and what characterizes them?
  • CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) - Interviews with respondents are conducted over the phone by our interviewers who read the questions and record the answers,
  • CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing) - Respondents are asked to independently complete the survey in electronic form,
  • CAPI (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing) - Real-time interviews with respondents, aided by a mobile device held by the interviewer,
  • PAPI (Paper-Assisted Personal Interviewing) - This involves direct individual questionnaire interviews.
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