Our offer:

  • Medical market research
  • Healthcare market research - launching new medical products on PL and CEE market
  • Observational and educational research
  • Research and marketing projects (PMS)
  • Pharma Sales Force Effectivesnes Measurment (message recall, recall test)
  • Patients opinion research
  • Preferences research of consumers, doctors and pharmacists
  • Price analysis
  • Doctors' satisfaction surveys
  • Medical software

Monika Jaremków

Badania rynku farmaceutycznego

e-mail: badania@biostat.com.pl
Tel.: +48 534 702 007

Comprehensive research services

Statistical analyzes:

Report and transient analyzes
Comparative research
Patient survival analysis and patients quality of life analysis
Comprehensive data management

Qualitative and quantitative research:

Experienced moderators and researchers
Recruitment of participants
Two-stage analysis
Own focus studio
CATI studio

Study design:

Selecting methodology and tools
Preparation of the research software
Statistical analysis plan
Planning a transparent study report

BioStat for the pharmaceutical market

Our experts' 15 years of experience in conducting observational studies and clinical trials for companies in the pharmaceutical sector means that we are a reliable partner.
We conduct pharmaceutical market research, epidemiological and clinical research.
We carry out research for the Rx and OTC drug segment. Research and analyzes are prepared with statistical methods. Based on the collected data, we conduct a wide range of analyzes, ranging from market segmentation to product positioning and estimating market share forecasts.
We work with patients, doctors and pharmacists, examining their opinion, satisfaction investigating brand knowledge. Our target groups are also pharmacies as well as medical and organizational staff. We also analyze the effectiveness of sales regions and representatives.

We work with

Badania rynku farmaceutycznego


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Frequently asked questions.

What research methods do we use for medical market research?
To obtain the most reliable research results, we use various analytical methods and techniques. In most cases, we start marketing research with qualitative measurements, and subsequently focus on quantitative studies.
What factors do researchers at Biostat verify?
  • Effectiveness of treatment and pain relief;
  • Quality of medical care;
  • Quality of service at reception;
  • Medical staff's openness to the psychological needs of the patient;
  • Compliance with procedures regarding providing patients with the necessary information before a procedure or examination.
Can you provide an eCRF for research purposes?
Of course. Biostat offers its proprietary eCRF.biz™ system, which is in compliance with FDA guidelines and is configured for each specific study.
A significant advantage is that using the software does not require the purchase of a separate license. Additionally, we provide acceptance tests, full validation (including validation documentation), and data management services.
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