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Monika Jaremków
Monika Jaremków, PhD
Director of Research

Frequently asked questions.

How long does a market study take?
The duration of a study depends on many factors: its scope, research methodology, and the specific industry the study pertains to. A market study can last from a week up to even 2 months. Each time, the duration of the study is individually determined with the client.
What techniques are used to conduct market research?
We execute projects using both modern and traditional methods. For market research, we offer, among other things, a consumer panel with a database of over 150,000 consumers. Surveys can be conducted in this panel with the help of our experts or independently on the SurvGo customer opinion research platform. In market research, we also use traditional methods such as desk research, individual in-depth interviews (IDI), focus group interviews (FGI), mystery shopper research, and telephone surveys (CATI). The research methodology and tools are always determined with the client based on the specifics of the particular research project.
What range of market research do you offer?
We offer our clients a broad spectrum of market research applications according to their needs. Typically, we propose to our clients research such as customer studies, brand studies, product studies, segmentation studies, and competitor studies.
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