Market Research
and public opinion surveys

We offer complete solutions within fields of market research, opinion research and evaluation, all based on a wide range of data acquisition methods. We specialise in providing comprehensive services to research projects in fields of pharmacy and medicine.

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The application of advanced analytical methods in the analysis of research results is a strong asset of our company. We conduct comprehensive market research and consumer opinion polls, as well as business sector and public institution analysis. We study the popular opinion of public institutions, the knowledge and familiarity of the drug market and specific OTC / Rx medicinal products. We also research the public’s political preferences and opinions.

We are prepared to make use of non-standard research methods and techniques, and to expand our research subject matter. We guarantee our clients an individual approach to each and every project.

Research Panel

We conduct:

  • opinion polls
  • pharmacy market research
  • market research
  • consumer satisfaction  research
  • mystery shopping
  • social research
  • labour market research
  • evaluations
  • consumer research
  • local and nationwide soundings
  • research for the Local Action Groups
  • research on the quality of public services
  • cluster research.

We conduct our research using all available tools and research methods, including:

standardized questionnaire interviews (PAPI) – both direct and auditorial;
computer assisted questionnaire-based interviews (CAPI);
individual in-depth interviews (IDI), dyad and triads;
telephone surveys (CATI);
on-line surveys (CAWI);
focus group interviews (FGI);
desk research analysis;
SWOT analysis;
case studies.

We also offer to conduct the entire research process, by:

Designing the research process and preparing a database.
gathering the data
supervising the data entry process
preparing the data for a specific type of statistical analysis.
analysing the data and preparing a report with conclusions.

Frequently asked questions.

Why is it worthwhile to conduct market research?
In a world of fierce competition within the economic sphere, having key market data is essential for the development of any business. Market research enables gaining a competitive edge by forecasting demand, devising marketing strategies based on it, and understanding customer purchasing preferences. Additionally, it allows verifying market needs for a new product without incurring implementation costs. By examining a product through market research, we can tailor our idea to customers, assess price elasticity, and compare the product against the competition.
What should be the target group in a market research study?
Before commencing market research, we must define the target group, which comprises our audience. In the first step, it's worth asking where our product will be sold. In the next step, we should outline consumer characteristics (e.g., gender, age, lifestyle, income, education). It's also useful to include additional factors, such as the language in which product sales will be conducted. If you're uncertain about defining your target group, our experts are here to assist.
What is the cost of conducting market and opinion research?
The cost of conducting market and opinion research is determined individually with the client, as it depends on various factors. During consultations and after exchanging basic information about the research, you can obtain a preliminary estimate.
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