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Monika Jaremków
Monika Jaremków, PhD
Director of Research
Survey research panel
„Badanie Opinii” - is a platform gathering thousands of clients from companies representing various production and service industries in one place. Our online research panel provides the opportunity to regularly examine preferences and buying habits, as well as consumer brand experience.

We follow the modernity.

Mobile solutions:
users have the opportunity to fill in surveys anytime and anywhere - on their smartphone or tablet.

audio-video materials can be attached to each questionnaire, which will be introduced to the participants in the course of the study. They can represent, among others photographs of products and packaging, elements of audio-visual identification, or advertising recordings.

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Our panellists are characterized by:

  • Knowledge of mobile technologies – they constitute a group of people who perfectly use modern devices such as tablets and smartphones. oraz smartfon.
  • Credibility – we regularly checked the shared profile information and do not allow for multiple account creation.
  • Passion – we invite only those panellists who meet the required profile and the research subject matter is in line with their interests.
  • Reliability – we control the time for answering questionnaires. We exclude users who do not read the content and provide random answers.
  • Diversity – our panellists are people with various demographic and psychographic characteristics as well as various consumer preferences.
  • Innovativeness - we carefully analyse the content of the answer
Below you will find the panel structure for „Badanie Opinii” determined by the sample data defining our Panellists:
N > 200 000

Nationwide opinion polls.

We carry out public opinion polls that allow us to gain knowledge about what Poles think about current social problems.

If you care about the pace and the lowest possible implementation costs, we recommend choosing omnibus polls. Omnibus surveys are all carried out at the same time for various clients. Attach your own list of questions to the planned survey and get your report after 7 days!


Marketing applications.

  • Extracting hidden insights - plan a marketing strategy in accordance with consumers’ unconscious needs
  • Verification of brand and image recognition - find out how marketing actions have influenced brand awareness and what customers think about it.
  • Mobile consumer diaries - follow consumers' habits during everyday use of products.
  • The assessment of reaction to the advertising content - recognize the emotions that accompany the recipients of advertising messages, and see what elements draw the most attention.
  • Measurement of acceptable prices - find out what prices the customers are willing to pay for the offered products and learn about the factors affecting it.
  • Study of shopping habits – get to know typical consumer behaviour and plan marketing activities in accordance with them.
  • Identification of the reasons for the brand's crisis – get to know the reasons for your brand popularity deterioration, promptly implement corrective actions and prevent further loss of customers.
  • Evaluation of the concept of products and packaging - submit initial ideas to the judgment of potential recipients and make appropriate changes on time.

What make us special.

  • Immediate research implementation - up to 24 hours!
  • Continuous increase in the number of panellists with different profiles.
  • A permanent monitoring of users' reliability.
  • Creating reports and summaries in real mode.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Intelligent profiling functions.
  • 15 years of experience

Frequently asked questions.

How much does a survey in the online panel cost?
The cost of the survey depends on the number of questions in the survey questionnaire, their complexity, and the size and characteristics of the sample analysis. Our experts provide a custom pricing quote for each survey during the offer phase. Clients can also use the SurvGo™ online survey program, where they can create and conduct surveys in the online panel themselves. This helps reduce costs and allows for a speedy survey implementation.
What data will I receive after the survey is completed?
After the survey is completed, the client receives a database of responses in Excel format, along with any necessary reports and charts. Upon the client's request, we also provide a research report with findings and research recommendations. The specific scope of the data received is agreed upon with the client before the project begins.
Will my survey reach the potential target group?
The survey can be directed at a specific group of respondents. Before starting the survey, the client can specify the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the target group (e.g., gender, education, age, place of residence).
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