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We carry out customer satisfaction surveys in a reliable and comprehensive manner based on the knowledge and experience of our experts as well as proven research methodology.

  • Universal nature of the indicator,
  • Efficient research implementation speed
  • Low research costs
  • Strengthening relationships with Clients
  • Quick and easy analysis of the research results
  • Monitoring the direction of changes within the offer
NPS research is extremely effective and optimal in measuring the degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thanks to that, it strongly correlates with the business development, since it allows to determine the actions that are needed to take in order to improve the sales results. By using the SurvGoTM survey program, you can implement the research online, by SMS, on mobile devices or by phone.
See how the NPS indicator works
The Net Promoter Score study will allow you to discover which Clients are the detractors or promoters of Your brand, thanks to which you will measure the degree of loyalty among your customers. The NPS score is presented as a number in the range of -100 to 100, not including the neutral values. The Customer loyalty level will be defined by a simple formula:
NPS INDICATOR  =  % of promoters% of decreators
Would you recommend the X brand to your friends?
Detractors (Rating 0-6)
They will probably go away soon and will never come back to you, doing black PR at the same time. Dissatisfied customers will usually give their opinion to 9 other people and the cost of their maintenance in the service is the most expensive.
Neutral (Rating 7-8)
Customers will not recommend your services, but they will also not detract them. They are sensitive to the price, so your task is to control the progress of the competition. Listen carefully to their needs, so they will stay at your side.
Promoters (Rating 9-10)
They are the ambassadors of your brand. Make sure to keep them close, as each of them will recommend your brand to 3 other people. Show them that you appreciate their loyalty and gain a Client for years!
In order to guarantee the representativeness of the research sample and the possibility of cyclical measurement repeatability, we base our satisfaction surveys on the quantitative research methods:

Satisfaction Survey

We will define the Customer’s profile, the degree of their loyalty and expectations as well as the perception of the offer and service quality

Office / public administration Customer Satisfaction Survey

We will assess the quality of customer service in offices and indicate factors that improve their work

Patient satisfaction

In accordance with current law regulations, we will determine the patients' satisfaction with hospitalisation and their evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment and the quality of medical care.

Application for customer opinion survey.

In order to improve the customer opinion, satisfaction and loyalty surveys, we have implemented an authorial platform for SurvGo research on customer satisfaction.

Our application provides:

Intuitive interface
Email/SMS Surveys
Responsive interface
Printing surveys
Customized styles
Export to XLS, CSV
Cloud data storage
Online sharing
Ready templates and questionnaires

The course of research projects.

Stage 1 - Studydesign
Based on many years of experience and proved methodology, we set up the methods for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty along with verifying their opinions
Stage 2 - Study implementation
In order to obtain necessary information, we reach for reliable quantitative research methods, ensuring sample representativeness and cyclic measurement of CATI, CAWI and CAPI.
Stage 3 - the analysis of the material gathered
The research material obtained will be subjected to a comprehensive statistical analysis that would allow establishing relationships between individual results on the measurement scales.
Stage 4 - preparation of the final report

The summary of the study will be prepared in the form of a report including a tabular and graphical presentation of the conclusions drawn from the analyses along with a set of other conclusions and recommendations

„67% of Poles decide to leave the competition if they are not satisfied with the quality of service”.

Tracking the satisfaction of your clients will allow you to develop effective ways to proceed at every stage of the company sales process.
„68% of Poles share unpleasant impressions about the quality of service with their relatives  – this opinion is being shared with 4 people on average”.

The customer opinion provides information on their expectations, preferences and feeling about the purchase – about the product and customer service, its quality, marketing campaign, etc. It’s worth using these tips.
„24% of Poles choose the offer on the basis of the opinions found on the Internet, whereas 23% - on the basis of the opinions of family and friends”.

A loyal customer is one of the most important values of every company – loyal customers regularly use proven services and willingly recommend them to others.


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The measurement of consumer satisfaction is the key to assessing and improving one’s range of products and services. Complementary measurement of opinions about the purchase process is a convenient way to get to know the feelings, needs, expectations and consumer preferences, whereas the declared loyalty to a product or brand – is a significant factor for building lasting market advantages as well as planning market-oriented actions.

Based on experience, proven methodological and IT background as well as on many years of market observation, we provide you with a comprehensive offer for customer satisfaction survey, covering the measurement of both – their satisfaction with the purchase as well as opinion and loyalty to the brand.

Take advantage of our services, and if you have any questions – we will help you!

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