Brand awareness research.

A brand plays a role of a company's business card, which enables the identification of its products, guarantees their quality, and also arouses customers' interest. Due to its identification aspect, a brand plays an extremely important role in the process of product selection and purchase, where it, along with price, constitutes the basic factors influencing consumer buying behavior. 

Measuring brand awareness:

Brand awareness can be measured using the following indicators:

Benefits of the research.
  • Verification of the level of brand awareness among the target group of buyers;
  • Possibility to verify the level of customer loyalty to a particular brand;
  • Determination of the level of customer satisfaction;
  • Possibility to identify directions for brand development;
  • Enables adjustment of the marketing strategy to meet the expectations of brand product buyers;
  • Knowledge of expectations of both current and potential customers.

Brand awareness research can be conducted through:

 Telephone interviews

 Internet-based surveys



personal interviewing

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Dr Monika Jaremków
Dr Monika Jaremków
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Frequently asked questions.

Is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness is particularly important when it comes to FMCG products, which are fast-moving consumer goods. A consumer's good knowledge of a brand shortens their decision-making process, which encourages them to make faster purchases through a system of positive associations.

What important features should a good brand include?
  • Identification - it is important for a good brand to stand out among similar brands in the market.
  • Promotional - a brand should attract consumers and serve as an incentive for purchases.
  • Guarantee - it is essential for a brand to assure its customers of high-quality products.
Is brand awareness research time-consuming?

It all depends on the complexity of the questionnaire and the sample size. A big advantage in this regard is research conducted using online survey techniques, as they can be completed in just a few days.

What data can I obtain after conducting research?
After completing the research, our researchers provide clients with a database of responses in Excel format, and upon request, they can also provide summaries along with charts.
Furthermore, upon prior request, it is possible to prepare a research report with conclusions and research recommendations. All details related to the provision of specific data are agreed upon before the start of the project.
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