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Success is never a coincidence - it combines action and adequate knowledge.

This is why we offer our clients professional solutions in the areas of market and opinion research, based on a wide range of data collection methods - we specialize in comprehensive service of research projects in the field of pharmacy and medicine. Our Market Research services are used by business sector entities as well as public institutions and academic communities.

We carry out research using all available techniques and research methods, including:

direct questionnaire interviews (PAPI)
Computer-aided questionnaire interviews (CAPI)
Individual in-depth interviews (IDI), dyads and triads
online surveys (CAWI)
telephone interviews (CATI)
focus group interviews (FGI)
desk research analysis
Case Study
SWOT analysis

The use of advanced analytical methods in the analysis of research results and supporting our experts' knowledge and experience with the authorial research software is a strong asset of our company. As a result, we conduct market and opinion research in a professional manner. We are also ready to implement non-standard methods and research techniques as well as broaden research topics.

We can guarantee that our clients will be provided with an individual approach to each of the projects.

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Monika Jaremków
Monika Jaremków, PhD
Director of Research
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