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Success is never a coincidence - it requires actions based on thoroughly acquired knowledge.

That is why we offer our clients professional solutions in the areas of market research and opinion studies, based on a wide range of data acquisition methods - we specialize particularly in comprehensive research project. Our Market Research services are used by business entities, public institutions, and academic environments

We conduct research using all available techniques and research methods, including:


Face-to-face questionnaire interviews (PAPI)


Computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI)


In-depth individual interviews (IDI), dyads and triads


Online surveys (CAWI)


Telephone surveys (CATI)


Focus group interviews (FGI)


Desk research analysis


Case Study analysis

SWOT analysis

The use of advanced analytical methods in the analysis of results, as well as the support of knowledge and experience of our experts with proprietary research software, are strong advantages of our company. This allows us to conduct market and opinion research in a professional manner, and we are also prepared to apply non-standard research methods and techniques, as well as expand the research topics.

We guarantee our clients an individual approach to each project.

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Frequently asked questions.

Why is it worthwhile to opt for market and opinion research?
Market research and opinion surveys allow you to understand customers' purchasing preferences and the potential to reach your target audience. Conducting market research and opinion surveys helps you discover what customers think about your product and whether they intend to purchase it. This can give you a competitive edge in the market.
How is market and opinion research conducted?
Market research and opinion surveys are often conducted using online surveys (CAWI) due to their lower cost and quicker turnaround time. Traditional methods such as desk research, in-depth individual interviews (IDI), and telephone surveys (CATI) are also used for such research.
What is the cost of conducting market and opinion research?
The cost of conducting market and opinion research is determined individually with the client, as it depends on various factors. During consultations and after exchanging basic information about the research, you can obtain a preliminary estimate.
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