Pharmaceutical Market Research

In terms of marketing research for pharmaceutical companies we provide:


consumer insights
advertising/packaging concept tests
advertising campaign effectiveness studies
decision-makers (physicians, pharmacists) surveys
testing of presence of the product in the media
medical market research
Pharmaceutical Market Research
Pharmaceutical Market Research
Qualitative research – process of analysis and verification

Qualitative research has a weakness, which is its relative expensiveness in relation to its target sample size. This means that obtained results are difficult to extrapolate to the entire population.

Our solution to this problem is:

obrazek - ludzie
Strict selection of the respondents, according to:
  • Demographic and economic variables
  • Lifestyle
  • Shopping preferences and experiences
  • Health condition
Proprietary method of two-step data analysis
  • This method is based on conducting two types of research. The first one is used to obtain individual opinions of target group representatives on a given topic, for example by performing in-depth interviews. After this first step we analyse the data and use the results to create a research tool for the second step – focus group interviews.
  • FGI have an explorative character, and apart from obtaining new information, they enable verification of the interviews from the first-step.


Exemplary costs


Item number Scope of service Target group Process length Net price (from...)
1 4 IDI, 2 FGI, two-step analysis, report consumers 14 days 9900 PLN
2 FGI, report consumers 7 days 8800 PLN
3 Brand awareness research (CATI, n=600) consumers 14 days 14000 PLN
4 Opinion leaders research, 20 IDI Doctors, pharmacists 14 days 12500 PLN

Reliable solutions and lead time

czas realizacji
In case of qualitative research carry out ad hoc, lead time does not exceed 14 days.


7 days
14 days
1. Development of tools for data analysis
3. Conducting of IDI
5. Presentation
7. Report
Biostat Biostat Pharmaceutical Market Research
2. Consultation
4. Preliminary analysis
6. Conducting of FGI


7 dni
14 dni
1. Development of tools for data analysis
3. Conducting of IDI
5. Presentation
7. Report
Biostat Biostat Pharmaceutical Market Research
2. Consultation
4. Preliminary analysis
6. Conducting of FGI
Conducting of the research may be supplemented by quantitative research, which allows quantification and authentification matter relating to product target group.
On these ground could be also useful in particular research project, to take into account CATI technique, which provides detailed quantitative information.

Survey elements could cover:

  • Occurrence and burden of symptoms, to which the product is responding;
  • A willingness to address problem, when it occurs;
  • Product recognition (spontaneous and aided awareness/recall);
  • Use of a brand products or generic products;
  • Associations with a brand.


Frequently asked questions.

What research methods do we use in medical market research?
In order to obtain the most reliable research results, we employ various research methods and analytical techniques. In most cases, for marketing-related studies, we start with qualitative measurement and then subsequently focus on quantitative research.
What factors do researchers verify at Biostat?
  • The effectiveness of treatment and pain reduction;
  • The quality of medical care;
  • The quality of service at the reception;
  • The openness of medical staff to the psychological needs of the patient;
  • Compliance with procedures related to providing patients with the necessary information before a procedure or examination.
Can you provide eCRF for research purposes?
Certainly. Biostat has its proprietary system called™, which is compliant with FDA guidelines and is configured for each specific study.
A significant advantage is that the use of the software does not require the purchase of a separate license. Additionally, we provide acceptance testing, complete validation (including validation documentation), and data management services.
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