Medical Market Research

For our clients from the pharmaceutical and medical industry, we conduct various projects, such as: market research, marketing research, epidemiological research, opinion surveys and customer pricing research. We also specialize in the field of analysis of brand awareness and brand image.

Research methods
  • Pencil and paper interview (PAPI);
  • Computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI);
  • Computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI);
  • Computer-assisted web interviews (CAWI);
  • Individual in-depth interviews (IDI);
  • Focus group interviews (FGI).
We conduct
  • Medical market research – launch of new medical products on Polish and CEE market;
  • Patient satisfaction surveys;
  • Brand awareness research and analysis of purchasing habits;
  • Consumer, doctors, pharmacists preferences research;
  • Price analysis;
  • Advertising effectiveness research;
  • Research on substitution prescriptions at pharmacies;
  • Research on the effectiveness of medical representatives (message recall, recall test);
  • Doctors satisfaction surveys.
We reach
  • Doctors;
  • Patients;
  • Pharmacists;
  • Medical staff, nurses;
  • Pharmacies.

Our long-term experience in the field of pharmaceutical industry, in both marketing research and in the registration process of medical products or clinical trials, causes that we are a reliable partner of pharmaceutical companies in their research activities.

We conduct research for Rx and OTC drug segment. Our research projects and analysis are based on statistical methods. Using the collected data we do analysis starting from market segmentation to product positioning and forecasting market share.

We reach doctors, pharmacists and patients to examine their opinion, satisfaction and analysing their brand awareness. Pharmacies, medical and administrative staff are also in the field of our interest.

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Frequently asked questions.

Which phases of clinical trials can be conducted at BioStat?
The staff at BioStat provide support for clinical trials across various phases, starting from Phase I where preliminary safety information about the medicinal product is obtained. Progressing smoothly to Phase II, where dosage and potential drug efficacy are further determined. Then, Phase III verifies conclusions from previous phases, investigates interactions between the new product and other drugs, and analyzes its long-term effects, leading up to Phase IV - post-registration studies.
In what areas does BioStat conduct medical market research?
BioStat® possesses the resources and knowledge to conduct research in every therapeutic area. Our staff's expertise continues to grow, with significant experience in therapeutic areas such as oncology, gastroenterology, transplantology, cardiology, neurology, allergology, psychiatry, neonatology, diabetology, rheumatology, virology, pulmonology, immunology, andrology, proctology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and hematology.
What actions does BioStat undertake in medical market research?
  • Comprehensive statistical support for research,
  • Design of eCRF (electronic case report form),
  • Development of randomization systems,
  • Data management,
  • Integration with laboratories.
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