We offer nationwide surveys conducted in the Omnibus mode.

The development of surveys procedures evolves towards in the direction indicated by 2 aims: to reduce the costs and to shorten the research process. Both trends meet our clients’ needs what makes our offer more competitive.

Our experience has taught us that the decision to combine few projects and include all questions in one surve was a good one. That’s how we created the Omnibus CATI, a tool in which the price of a single question starts from 400 PLN.



This kind of survey i also conducted on the basis of our company’s highests standards. We guarantee that the survey will be carried out on a nationwide sample of 1 000 adult residents of all voivodeships. The tool provides an option to ask either a single question or a block of questions. The survey takes one week, while the order might be submitted 2 weeks in advance. The results will be delivered as summary tables (numerical and percentile).
Each month we conduct interviews with adult Poles from all voivodeships. Every time in CATI Omnibus take part 1 000 respondents from across the country. The sample of the survey represents the population, particularly with regard to: place of residence, sex, age and education. The selection of the sample is carried out according to a proportionate manner.
We start each month and the results are reported within 7 days.

There is an option to have a graphic presentation of the results and a verification ofstatistical hypotheses leading to establishment of the relationship between the variables. Such activities are carried out at an extra charge. On client’s demand we can prepare advanced statistical analysis and put some elements of the descriptive method to ease the interpretation of the results.

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