User Experience Research
UX research is aimed at software,
apps and websites developers.

What is UX research?

User Experience research is designed to check the website / application interface in terms of functionality, design, transparency and intuitiveness as well as the graphic design of the project. The result of the UX research are recommendations that improve the concept or allow for the optimization of an already available service / product. As a part of the research, information on the behaviour and needs of clients is obtained.

Is the UX research needed?

In the age of high competition, the features of functionality and interface design often determine the purchase of a given product / service. This is especially important in the case of software - the right appearance of the product is more than just the packaging itself, it is above all an important aspect affecting the comfort of user interaction with the product. UX research allows evaluating all of these aspects as far as your offer is concerned.

Why is it worth trusting us?

Thanks to our experience, we can ensure gathering valuable feedback from target groups and providing guidelines to adapt the product / service to the real needs of users.

Thanks to the UX research, we gather opinions both for conceptual work, as well as information on projects, prototypes, early utility versions and functioning products..

Our measurements in the above-mentioned field are based on qualitative research (individual and group), quantitative research and functional tests.

The results of our research are presented in the form of a summary report, including:

  • Expectations of the product / service target group;
  • Evaluation of the proposed solutions;
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of its recipients and / or the target group;
  • Comparison of user requirements to the current form of the service along with recommendations for any possible changes.
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