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Transferring knowledge from the world of research to the world of science

The domain of the Research and Development Center BioStat® encompasses not only the transfer of knowledge from the world of science to the world of business but also simultaneous openness to scientific communities and support for them with our expert research and analytical knowledge.

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Preparation of research methodology

  • Determination of research goals and areas
  • Selection of research methods/techniques
  • Choice of sampling method/sample selection
  • Development of research tools
  • Selection of statistical analysis methods
  • Execution of the study and data collection
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Database design and implementation

  • Participant recruitment
  • Data acquisition, surveying
  • Oversight and administration of the data collection process
  • Data preparation for analysis
  • Analysis of research material
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Single and multivariate statistical analyses, qualitative analyses

  • Correlations, statistical models, tests
  • Survival analyses (Kaplan-Meier curves)
  • Reports and interim analyses
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Development of a statistical report

  • Compilation of a final research report
  • Graphic presentation of results
  • Compilation of results in accordance with Master Journal List standards(Philadelphia List)

Our research and analyses form the foundation of high-quality scientific work. Our knowledge and experience enable us to effectively support research projects financed by EU funds, grant projects, as well as individual scientific work or research and development projects. Our scientific research contributes to securing funding for R&D projects.

The full research process typically includes the development of the research methodology, its execution, the analysis of collected data, and the preparation of a statistical report. We can execute the entire scope of a scientific study or specific stages such as surveying or data analysis.

In the context of the above, we offer the following to scientific entities and independent researchers:

  • Comprehensive academic assistance.
  • Support for field research.
  • Expert statistical analysis services.
  • Consultations and assistance in statistical matters.
  • Handling commercial and scientific research programs in the fields of medicine and pharmacy - we support clinical trials for phases I-IV, conduct observational, educational, epidemiological, PMS, and HTA studies.
  • Preparation of professional analyses in accordance with the requirements of Philadelphia-listed journals.

BioStat® eCRF
Data collection and management in research.

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Trust the experts

The BioStat® research team is composed of experienced researchers and specialists in applied mathematics, biostatistics, econometrics, and data management, with a rich academic background and extensive business experience. So far, we have supported dozens of projects conducted by scientists from all over the country under various grant programs. What sets us apart includes:

  • Collaboration with majority of Poland's research institutes and academic units, as well as independent experts and scholars employed by renowned universities.
  • Experience in providing support for commercial and scientific research programs in the medical sector.
  • Adherence to the standards set forth in Philadelphia-listed journals.
  • Utilization of a wide range of quantitative and qualitative techniques in the research process.
  • Our proprietary project management system, eCRF.bizTM, for research projects.

Our Expert Team

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Monika Jaremków
Monika Jaremków, PhD
Director of Research

Frequently asked questions.

Do the experts at BioStat also handle statistical analysis of research studies?

Absolutely, yes. One of our key specializations is medical statistics, so along with conducting the research, you can also entrust our staff with the statistical analysis of the study.

What sets us apart from the competition?
  • Wide accessibility with a dedicated scope of permissions for all interested parties.
  • Fast contract signing process – contracts are electronically signed (with a positive opinion from the DZP law firm).
  • Statistics prepared in accordance with FDA standards and the Philadelphia List.
  • A team of statisticians and data managers with extensive experience in conducting clinical and observational studies.
What is the main goal of scientific research?

The main goal of scientific research is to make us aware of why we conduct research and what the results obtained from them can be useful for.

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