For the institutions, which attach their economic activity with EU funds, we have prepared solutions intended for evaluation research.

Among the most considered evaluation criteria are:

  • sustainability,
  • efficiency,
  • effectiveness,
  • relevance.

We conduct:

  • ex-ante evaluation:
    • conduct before implementation of the project/programme,
    • identification of planned intervention is adequate in terms of needs (branch, beneficiaries) and consistency with planned aims and implementations arrangements,
    • investigation of the social, economic and legislative context,
    • identification of potential difficulties,
    • diagnosis of needs and expectations of target groups,
  • mid-term evaluation:
    • conduct around mid-point of intervention implementation,
    • analyses of achieved products and results,
    • first assessment of project/programme implementation quality,
    • analyses of intended at programming stage goals and indicators,
    • diagnosis of the context of the project/programme execution,
    • contribution to modification of implementation process and update of underlying assumptions,
  • ex-post evaluation:
    • conduct after the implementation of the project/programme,
    • analyses of degree of achievement of the goals,
    • evaluating of the accuracy, usability, effectiveness and efficiency of the intervention,
    • research of the long-term effects (impact) of the project/programme and its durability.
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