BioStat® - the winner of „Pro Silesia” 2018 Grand Prize

„Pro Silesia” 2018


The „Pro Silesia” prize is awarded to companies that show extraordinary activities in the scope of business, science and self-government as well as international cooperation. The timeframe taken into consideration for assessment is last threeyears.

The prize was awarded for the practical implementation of innovative research solutions and gathering data into business. An important element taken also into consideration was entering the international market because of cross-sectoral collaboration. Big data and data mining provide the cornerstone of our business. All of that let us fulfil our mission that is: “Implementing scientific knowledge into business”.

On October 17, 2018 our executive board dr inż. Ewa Tkocz-Piszczek and Rafal Piszczek took part in a gala event of the 8. European Congress of Small and Medium – Size Enterprises, during which they have been granted a diploma, statuette and an award of a studio-networking trip to Brussels (The RTO Innovation Summit).

"We are proud for being recognised. We consider such commendations to be our highest achievement, since they show how valuable are activities are. Moreover, they are important motivators for our future work. We are very thankful to our collaborators for the professionalism and huge involvement in their work. This is an honour for the whole team. BioStat® is, most of all, about people! Individuals who are experts in what they do and who join the scientific and business worlds together."

Rafał Piszczek
Board President of BioStat®

The Prize Committee:

Prof. Wiesław Banyś
- Prezes Zarządu
Stowarzyszenia Pro Silesia,
Członek Zarządu European
University Association
Kazimierz Karolczak
- Przewodniczący Zarządu
Metropolii na obszarze Górnego
Śląska i Zagłębia Dąbrowskiego
Arkadiusz Chęciński
- Prezydent Sosnowca
Prof. Marek Pawełczyk
- Prorektor ds. Nauki i Rozwoju
Politechniki Śląskiej
Dr Michał Gramatyka
- Wicemarszałek
Województwa Śląskiego
Dr Janusz Michałek
- Prezes Zarządu
Katowickiej Specjalnej Strefy Ekonomicznej S.A.
Wiktor Pawlik
- Prezes Regionalnej Izby
w Gliwicach, członek Rady Krajowej
Izby Gospodarczej w Warszawie
Tomasz Zjawiony
- Prezes Regionalnej Izby
Gospodarczej w Katowicach

Description of the statuette:

The “Business-Science-Self-government” statuette designed by dr hab. Katarzyna Pyka (Institute of Art at the Silesian University in Katowice) is not only a great honour but also a symbol. This uniquely-designed glass statuette is presented to the winners of the European Congress of Small and Medium-Size enterprises. Precious, transparemt, polished glass creates a vertical form of three identical elements representing diagonal lines which are connoted with the “Pro Silesia” logo, as well as they refer to the industrial architecture of Silesian cities. The distances between glass elements create small, round, polished circles presenting an impression of openings that indicate its 3D effect. The front is covered with the logo of the association.

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