Customer satisfaction surveys.

Biostat Company conducts comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys that allow for detailed conclusions about customer interactions at every stage of communication - from initial interest in the offer to finalizing the transaction. It is crucial because customer loyalty and trust are influenced by the satisfaction they experience, which is shaped not only by the purchase of a product or service but also by the overall contact with the entity offering the products or services.

Customer satisfaction surveys.

  • In today's mass production and needs creation, it does not provide sufficient competitive advantage
  • Customers have expectations regarding products or services that often conflict with the company's perception of high-quality products and professional services
  • Customers tend to change their expectations regarding products or services, and specific products and services attract the interest of different categories of buyers with diverse expectations and knowledge
  • Only some customer expectations should be taken into account when changing the offering. Optimizing the alignment of products or services with customer expectations is a more effective way to increase competitive advantage than maximizing such alignment
  • In the end, a product or service may be inadequate not only in terms of customer expectations but also in relation to the company's original intentions

Customer feedback surveys using electronic surveys.

Customer satisfaction and feedback surveys can be conducted using various methods - due to sample representativeness, quantitative methods are often used, such as telephone surveys (CATI), computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI), and electronic surveys (CAWI).

Of the aforementioned methods, internet-based surveys, known as online surveys, are considered the most efficient and fastest, while remaining reliable, credible, and functional. They are ideal for operating on nationwide representative research samples and conducting cyclical surveys, while also being cost-effective due to their low unit costs. Considering the above, we offer you comprehensive applications for conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

Which entities order customer satisfaction surveys?
What types of customers' satisfaction can be subject to research?

Customer satisfaction surveys are ordered by various types of entities based on size, industry, or sector. The following entities show particular interest in such surveys:

The effectiveness and usefulness of customer satisfaction surveys are achieved, first and foremost, by clarifying the purpose of the research.


Stores, wholesalers


Renatal services


Software manufacturers


Travel agencies, passenger transport


Cafés, restaurants


Sports and recreational facilities, healthcare facilities


Gas stations


Government offices, public service, healthcare institutions

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