Half a year of BioStat®'s rapid growth. Summary of the first half of 2020

Half a year of BioStat®'s rapid growth. Summary of the first half of 2020

The global pandemic crisis is a period of rapid development of telemedicine and intensive research work. These are the areas where BioStat® strengthened its position and used the situation to strengthen the brand.


Half of 2020 is behind us. It is customary to summarize at the end of the calendar year, but in the pandemic era we decided to share our achievements at the beginning of the summer holidays.


The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic crisis is an "endurance test" for many companies. We passed this extremely demanding test brilliantly. We can even say that BioStat® was prepared for changes - partly forced by the situation - in advance! The organizational effort and investments of 2019 turned out to be an ideal development strategy for the time of the spread of the coronavirus.


Many companies faced the necessity of deep rebuilding and communicating difficult decisions, while BioStat® was prepared for it and in recent months it has grown and continues to grow stronger. We have launched many promising projects, including HaloDoctor - online medical consultations.


- The pandemic caused the market to look for alternative methods of contacting specialists. Telemedicine is developing intensively, for which BioStat® had a set of tools developed in January 2020, and the implementation work of the revolutionary platform of online clinics was at the last stage before launch - says Rafał Piszczek, CEO of BioStat®. - The potential of this solution was appreciated from the first days of the pandemic. BioStat®'s efforts over several years turned out to be an immediate, spectacular success, gaining more and more customers. An important element that strengthens the entire undertaking structurally is Medfile® - an extended system of electronic medical documentation.


The first half of the year was also full of interesting research projects, including clinical trials in the area of COVID-19. We have become members of projects financed by the Medical Research Agency. We have developed cooperation with companies such as:

  • Celon Pharma,
  • Takeda,
  • Chiesi,
  • Polpharma,
  • Adamed,
  • Roche,
  • Egis,
  • Science Pharma,
  • Wroclaw Medical University,
  • National Health Fund (NFZ),
  • Clinscience,
  • Clinical Consulting,
  • Proper Medical Writing.


We expanded our cooperation with the editorial offices of the Wirtualna Polska Group, entering the area of research that addresses current problems of great social importance, e.g. related to public health. We have established cooperation with Grupa Onet S.A.


We have several studies in the implementation phase in the field of gastroenterology, allergology, transplantology, psychiatry, oncology, immunology, virology, neonatology, etc. During the pandemic, we engaged our forces in working on numerous publications and articles that will soon appear in Polish and foreign magazines.


In order to follow the trends in the times of crisis, we were present at the conference on the occasion of the International Day of Clinical Trials and the Seminar "Digital revolution in clinical trials" organized under the auspices of the Association for Good Clinical Practice in Poland (GCP.pl).


Having an effective survival and adaptation strategy, BioStat® also supported local medical facilities by making donations, including for the Pediatric Department of Regional Hospital No. 3 in Rybnik.

Digitization, automation and digital transformation accelerated many of the necessary changes that were postponed in recent years. While others were downsizing, BioStat® has started to add more and we are still looking for new talent to fill the ranks of BioStat®.


- The crisis turned out to be a test passed by Biostat® with flying colors - emphasizes Rafał Piszczek. - Proud of our successes, we do not rest on our laurels, and the changeability and uncertain times stimulate us to implement further bold projects. The current state of affairs motivates us to design services that will be successful in the medical and pharmaceutical market in the era of coronavirus even more effectively.


BioStat® is an increasingly stronger Polish brand, it is a leader on the Polish market in the field of clinical and observational research. We aspire to strengthen the position of a pioneer in telemedicine and artificial intelligence solutions in 2021.