CATIWe offer our clients complex solutions in preparation and implementation of research projects conducted with the use of computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI). We provide support from the beginning of the project (creation of questionnaire and appropriate selection of target groups), through interviewing, and finally – the report with advanced data analysis.



Studio CATI BioStat:

  • 30 CATI places,
  • innovative software,
  • professional support.
CATI technique is well-suited for social and marketing research, including brand recognition, advertising campaign performance measurement, sales market analysis. With the use of this technique we also conduct polls, surveys on target groups, and other research. We carry out all projects reliable and timely.
Our CATI studio is located in head office in Rybnik. In this studio we have 30 places for qualified interviewers. They conduct omnibus surveys, polls, social surveys, marketing research, evaluations, HR and labour market research, and many more. Our interviewers have comfortable working environment while CATI coordinator and project managers are able to conduct quality audits of the interviews.
We are conducting CATI with the use of innovative authorial software: It provides prompt reporting, statistical analysis, ongoing monitoring of a project. You can find more information about our software on this site.
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