Employee surveys.

Employee surveys are an optimal tool for understanding the organizational structure of a company, regardless of the industry.

How do we conduct researches?

Research projects are typically carried out by our company using quantitative survey techniques. We have proprietary software that allows employees to fill out survey questionnaires remotely after logging into the system. Upon the client's request, we also conduct employee surveys using traditional paper-based questionnaires.

To simplify data analysis, we usually design the tool to primarily consist of closed-ended questions. However, we also include a few open-ended questions in the survey to allow respondents to provide comments, suggestions for improvements, and changes.

Employee surveys can include diagnosis related to:

  •  Subjective job satisfaction
  •  Motivation and actual engagement at work
  •  Training needs
  •  Competencies of the workforce
  •  Organizational culture

Potential benefits.

The proper functioning of the above aspects is a necessary condition for a company to operate efficiently and maintain high quality. Employee surveys help increase trust in the company and reduce the risk of losing the most talented and valuable members of the workforce. Conducting these surveys is also justified by the need to maintain a positive corporate image.

Conducting an employee opinion survey allows for conclusions to be drawn regarding their satisfaction with their employment activities. Through these measurements, both the positive aspects of the organization and areas requiring changes and improvements can be identified.

Badania pracowników

High attendance guarantee.

Employee satisfaction surveys make sense only if employees willingly participate in them. The factor that most significantly affects high attendance is undoubtedly ensuring anonymity. Being aware of this, we have implemented solutions such as a login mechanism using a one-time-use code or unique identification data.

Contact us.

To obtain information about the employee satisfaction surveys we conduct, we encourage you to contact us by phone or send a request for a quote to our email address. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide an initial estimate.

Frequently asked questions.

What employee surveys do we conduct at Biostat?
  • 360-degree feedback assessment,
  • 180-degree feedback assessment,
  • Online HR surveys,
  • Training needs assessment surveys,
  • Periodic employee performance reviews,
  • Employee motivation surveys,
  • Competency assessments
What information can we obtain through conducting employee surveys?
During employee surveys, we can gather information about:
  • Safety and organization of work
  • Efficient management methods within the company
  • Communication and flow of information in the organization
  • Employee engagement and motivation.
What is the choice of research method dependent on?
The choice of research method is primarily dependent on the sample size and whether both employees and supervisors are being studied. By obtaining information from different perspectives, we can gain knowledge about the objectivity of research results. The research can be conducted using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

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