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Research agency | How should cooperation with a research agency proceed? Qualifications of the Research Team Methodological Assumptions. Stages of cooperation. Why choose a Biostat® Research and Development Centre?


Research agency | How should cooperation with a research agency proceed?


Are you currently facing the task of selecting an entity to which you will entrust the implementation of a marketing study or market analysis? Remember that only a professional agency with an experienced team of experts will be able to provide you with reliable information. Their use will then be able to translate into real business benefits. So find out what factors you should pay attention to in order not to regret your decision. Also learn about the principles of good cooperation.


Qualifications of the Research Team

The most important resource of any company is, of course, its people. This is no different for the market research industry. A market research agency should demonstrate that the employees it employs have the right education and experience to help carry out research and analysis projects.


A market research company should employ specialists in various fields, including:

  • Social sciences,
  • Economics and finance,
  • Statistics, econometrics, and applied mathematics,
  • IT application programming,
  • Coordination of field research.

Only such a versatile team is able to guarantee high-quality research while maintaining relatively short implementation deadlines. Therefore, please request the provision of documents confirming the qualifications and experience of the employed team. In this way, you can be sure that you are not entering into cooperation with a random company.


Methodological Assumptions.

Find out what the research company's conception of the project for your company is. Request detailed methodological assumptions from the research agency in your bid. These should include, among other things:

  • the subject of the research;
  • list of research questions
  • proposed research methods and techniques - together with a justification of the choice;
  • selection of the research sample - representative in the case of quantitative research;
  • description of the method of research implementation and planned resources to be used;
  • a plan for the coordination of the research process and its quality control;
  • description of risk factors in the implementation of the project and a proposal of ways to counteract them;
  • a plan for reporting the partial results of the work undertaken to the Contracting Authority;
  • the shape of the final research report.


Stages of cooperation.

First impression.

  • Soft skills
  • Accuracy of answers


  • Experience
  • Recognised experts

Research Brief.

  • Presentation of the specifics of the study
  • Indication of research objectives


  • Attractive deadline
  • Strict implementation of the schedule

Valuation options.

  • Different research methods
  • Different sample sizes


First impression.

Pay attention to the competence of the staff and the way in which they answer your questions and concerns. This will allow you to sift out companies that do not meet the proper standards during the survey as a first step. Don't be afraid to ask! Remember that you have the right not to know, while the company has the obligation to tell you.



The way a survey is carried out is mainly influenced by the experience of a close-knit team of experts. A professional research agency should have an interdisciplinary team, which should include researchers as well as analysts or engineers from different industries.


Research Brief.

You should receive a clarified document containing the specifics of the research and its industry. It should also include an indication of the research objectives. With the brief, the research company will know your view of the study, which will allow you to finalise the detailed terms of the research project.



Strict implementation of the schedule and definition of milestones (key stages of the project) are the basis of any project. When given an attractive deadline, consider whether the chosen research agency will meet the agreed terms of cooperation.


Variations in pricing.

Needs and opportunities vary. A professional research proposal should include several variants, in particular different sample sizes and proposed research methods. This will ensure that you choose a variant that is in line with your needs and financial possibilities.


Why choose a Biostat® Research and Development Centre?

Using the services of Research and Development Centres (CBRs) also brings many advantages. Firstly, CBRs often combine scientific expertise with a practical approach to the development and testing of new solutions. This enables companies to benefit from the latest technological and scientific developments, which can translate into innovation and competitiveness in the market. In addition, CBRs often conduct interdisciplinary research, which allows them to create solutions that go beyond traditional thinking. Collaborating with CBRs can also lead to gaining financial support for R&D projects, which can be crucial for the development of new products and services. It is therefore worth considering choosing a proven company specialising in research to benefit from their knowledge, experience and capabilities.


- The great strength of the Biostat Research and Development Centre is its people. We work in interdisciplinary teams and thanks to this we have a broad view of the research problem under consideration. In addition, as an agency employing various specialists, we are largely self-sufficient, which significantly accelerates the implementation of projects as well as has a positive impact on their quality - summarises Dr Monika Jaremków - R&D Director at Biostat Research and Development Centre.


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Frequently asked questions

How to choose a professional research agency?

The key aspect in choosing a research agency is a qualified team. Their professionalism from planning to sending the final report ensures the success of your research. A professional agency has specialists in social sciences, economics, statistics, IT, and coordination of field activities, allowing for high-level research in a short time.


What types of research does a research agency conduct?

Biostat's Research and Development Center conducts all types of research, from market and marketing research to clinical trials. With extensive expertise and 18 years in the market, we offer a comprehensive and cost-effective range of services.


What should be included in a well-developed research methodology?

A well-developed research methodology should include theoretical foundations such as the subject of the study, a list of research questions, sample selection, research methods and techniques with justification, coordination and quality control plans, risk factors and countermeasures, reporting plans, and the shape of the final report.

What needs to be done before collaborating with a research agency?

Before collaborating with a research agency, prepare preliminary information about the study, specifying what you want to investigate and the budget you have. This allows for an initial cost estimate and a rough idea of the time required.


What are the advantages of using the services of a research agency?

The greatest advantage of utilizing such services is the research support provided to each client who decides to engage with a research agency. Depending on the client's needs, a team of specialists creates or reviews the research questionnaire for content, develops the research methodology, and oversees the project's implementation. By availing the services of a professional research agency, you can be confident that the study will be conducted in accordance with all applicable standards.


What specialists does the Biostat Research and Development Center employ?

Biostat focuses on professionalism, employing specialized statisticians, IT specialists, researchers, methodologists, research coordinators, and operating its own CATI studio.


Why choose Biostat?

Biostat boasts several advantages, including over a decade of experience, 21 proprietary applications and systems/platforms, a team of 100 experts, 1000 published works, and the completion of 4000 research projects.


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