Marketing Analyses

CRM & Marketing Analysis

BioStat provides analytical services to make marketing and sales initiatives more effective. We perform different types of analyses based on our clients' needs, from the structured database analysis of consumer behavior to advanced response models for direct marketing purposes.

Reliable information based on KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) is the major factor of success and business development. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers and competitors. BioStat offers consulting and outsourcing of analytical CRM services which include: capture, storage and analysis of customer information. We advice our clients on every aspect of analytical CRM.

Database analyses provide better understanding of the data driving your business, whether the „customers" are consumers or businesses, and whether the data is internal or external.

BIOSTAT offers:
  • research arrangement, survey management
  • data management: database design, data coding and data entry
  • statistical analysis according to the plan
Analytical CRM products:
  • design of targeted marketing campaigns to optimize marketing effectiveness
  • design customer campaigns, customer acquisition, cross/up-selling
  • analysis of customer behavior, customer profitability analysis
  • pricing analysis, new product development
  • management decisions, forecasting sales and time series analysis
  • fraud detection and risk assessment
  • credit scoring
  • Life Time Value
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