The impact of technology on marketing research

The Future of Marketing Research
Internet panels: Gathering data from a global community Info kiosks: Consumer-Centric approach in public spaces Online qualitative research: New dimensions in customer opinion analysis Advanced data analysis methods: Discovering hidden patterns
In the digital age of technology, the development of research tools is bringing about a revolution in marketing research. Today, technology is becoming a key catalyst, opening up new research opportunities and providing accurate data. In this article, we look at four key areas of technology's impact on marketing research: online panels, information kiosks, online qualitative research and advanced data analysis methods.

Internet panels: Gathering data from a global community

Internet panels have become the foundation of research in the digital era. They provide researchers with access to global communities, enabling large-scale studies. Respondents participating in online surveys allow for diverse perspectives, and the dynamic structure of panels allows for real-time updates based on changing market trends.

Info kiosks: Consumer-Centric approach in public spaces

Info kiosks, placed in public spaces, introduce new possibilities for collecting data on consumer preferences. Through interactive screens, consumers can give opinions on products, participate in surveys, or get information about market novelties. Info kiosks are an innovative solution that combines marketing research with an interactive consumer experience.
- Info kiosks are also readily used in customer satisfaction surveys. Immediately after using the services of a given point, the respondent can evaluate the employees, the offer or the appearance of the premises. Info kiosks are also used in employee satisfaction surveys. They are placed in a place where the respondent can freely express his opinion about his workplace - explains Dr Monika Jaremków - R&D Director at the Biostat Research and Development Centre.
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Online qualitative research: New dimensions in customer opinion analysis

Traditional qualitative research is moving into the online space, providing deeper and more scalable insights. Utilizing interactive platforms, these studies allow participants to freely share opinions through both text and multimedia. Real-time data collection enables a quick response to changing market needs.

Advanced data analysis methods: Discovering hidden patterns

The introduction of advanced data analysis methods, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, revolutionizes how we process and interpret information. These advanced technologies enable the discovery of hidden patterns and relationships in data, allowing for more precise forecasting of market trends. Advanced data analysis methods have become an essential tool for companies aiming to remain competitive in the modern market.


Summary: A new research arsenal thanks to technology

In conclusion, technology plays a crucial role in shaping a new reality in marketing research. Internet panels, info kiosks, online qualitative research, and advanced data analysis methods are key elements of this evolutionary process. Through them, companies can obtain more precise and focused data, leading to more effective marketing strategies and a better understanding of consumer expectations. This is not just an evolution in research; it is a revolution in how companies analyze the market and create innovative business 

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Does Biostat own its own research panel?

Yes, Biostat owns the panel where over 200,000 users are registered.

Why are panel surveys so popular?

Panel surveys are faster compared to more traditional methods and more cost-effective. Online surveys continue to grow in popularity. A large panel survey can be conducted in as little as 24 hours!

What are the benefits of collecting information using infokiosks?

Information kiosks allow data on consumer preferences to be collected at the point of transaction.

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