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Service Price

Individual consultations
(scientific projects, research (grants, doctoral srudies) data analusis)

from 200 EUR/h

Business consultations

from 250 EUR/h

Data set design

from 300 EUR

Survey digitalization

from 8-12 EUR/survey
+ tool preparation cost
Data analysis,
for individual clients, research papers, and projects

from 1000 EUR

The prices for data analysis are determined individually based on the specifications and database. Due to the unique nature of the projects we undertake, we provide a cost estimate for your analysis after an initial assessment of the material and contact with our specialist.

BioStat services encompass the following categories:

Research Design:

  • Data Analysis Plan
  • Sample selection, randomization (for studies involving sample selection from a population)
  • Questionnaire (measurement) development, eCRF development
  • Selection of data analysis methods

Data Collection:

  • Database creation
  • Online surveys, eCRF
  • Data digitization and entry, data preparation for analysis
  • Graphic representation of results: figures, charts, correlations

Data Analysis:

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Correlations, tests, statistical models, factor analyses, SEM, survival analyses, and more
  • Report generation from analysis
  • Presentation of results in accordance with international journal standards (pertaining to scientific research)

We offer comprehensive support for research projects.

Statistics with Guarantee

Our Data Analysis service comes with a 12-month guarantee. We support our clients in the article/paper review process, providing advice on result description, creating and selecting appropriate charts, and ensuring accurate result descriptions.

We offer consultations and perform statistical analyses for scientific research, grants, and also assist doctoral candidates with statistical analysis. We provide statistical analysis services in English as well.

You can find our full data analysis offer at: data analysis

Frequently asked questions.

What is the cost of a statistical consultation?

The cost of consultations for researchers starts at 200 EUR/hour. The price applies to individual consultations for researchers, including scientific and research projects (grants, doctoral studies). Consultation costs for business clients start from 250 EUR/hour.

How much does survey digitization cost?

The cost ranges from 8 to 12 EUR per survey, plus the cost of designing and creating the tool necessary for digitization.

How much does statistical analysis for a research paper cost?

The cost is determined individually and typically ranges from 1000 EUR to several thousand EUR, depending on the complexity of the analysis. Each project is priced individually based on the materials provided. To estimate the cost of analysis, we always ask for the following:

  1. Database (or at least a sample with column names and a few observations).
  2. Set of research hypotheses for evaluation.
  3. If the work is based on a scientific article, its contents.
  4. If a standardized questionnaire is used, the key for scoring.
  5. If the study relies on survey data, the survey questionnaire.
What is the turnaround time for analysis?

We always strive to accommodate the client's needs, so when sending an inquiry, please specify the desired turnaround time.


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