Creating databases for data mining

Data mining is one of the elements of the process of knowledge discovery in databases (KDD - Knowledge Discovery in Databases). The main idea is to discover knowledge from large sets of data (data warehouse) using modern methods of multivariate statistical analysis. In practice, the term data mining is a very general term, covers a broad spectrum of both statistical and information. This is an issue closely linked inextricably with databases.

Application areas of data mining techniques are as many disciplines and sectors of the economy. In practice, every large company, which has information about their customers or the idea of ​​collecting data is the possibility of using data mining methods for their needs.

Biostat is a company offering clients outsourcing and consulting services, data mining. We help our clients analyze, advise on the process of data collection (indicate what data should be collected), to analyze and extract knowledge from established with the client the purpose of testing.

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