Employee satisfaction surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys
An important resource contributing to the achievement of organizational success are the people. Modern technology, skillfully used by employees are the key element of efficiency. Interest in the level of employee satisfaction, and thus carry out satisfaction surveys is essential for the proper understanding of moods and needs. Because it is very important to constantly know what members of the organization think about the atmosphere at work, its successes and failures, as well as learn about their emotional attitudes, needs and feelings and values that are important to them. Employee satisfaction is also a key element of efficiency. By studying the core values for employees and value of the company is possible to get comprehensive information about:
valid values for employees,
identification with the values of the company,
awareness of the company vision and mission,
the need for change

Corporate value and employees value:
Identification and integration of valid values for the company and values important to the employee, can help maintain employee motivation at a high level while the development of the entire organization. This action requires a clear definition of organization values and compare companies perspective with the prospect of employees perspective. This means combining your personal goals with the values perceived in the company.
From the viewpoint of companies using value refers to the creation of the vision and mission activities, both inside and outside the company, motivating and integrating staff and management of change and coping with crises. For employee values are needed to carry out their passion, fulfillment, membership building, career development in accordance with their aspirations.
These two sets mutually mesh which means that management should not only carry the business aspirations but also those of employees. The effect of this action is the common desire for something you believe both parties and hence the involvement of employees in enterprises and creation of the mission, understanding and maintain a high level of satisfaction and motivation.

Change management
The issue of change management is also reflected in the study of labor and the value of the organization. Due to early defining a set of common values (or lack thereof statement), you can quickly take appropriate action in a right time for best effect. Inappropriate actions, or lack thereof, at the wrong time can bring only losses.

Employee satisfaction survey is a widely used tool to assess the level of satisfaction and identify the opinions of employees in selected areas. Using the test measurement scales makes it possible to parameterize the selected areas and to detect the strengths and weaknesses.
The benefits of conducting satisfaction surveys with an outside company research and access the application online:

  • Increase the reliability of the test;
  • Ensuring the anonymity of employees;
  • Parameterized feedback on processes in the organization;
  • An objective assessment of the level of satisfaction, motivation, career development, relationships with co-workers and management;
  • Ability to take action to improve the management process;
  • Identification of the factors determining the level of satisfaction;
  • Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;

Satisfaction survey project stages:

  • Determining the purpose of testing;
  • Develop a research questionnaire;
  • Preparation of promotional campaign;
  • Conducting research (surveys, direct interviews, online surveys);
  • Prepare a database of test results;
  • Develop final report and recommendations;

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