2017 in BioStat®

2017 in BioStat®

2017 in BioStat®

It is time to have a look upon what have we achieved during the last year.

More and more companies from pharmaceutical and medical industry appreciate our professionalism, loyalty and the fact that we do not compromise in collectively realised projects. Our company cooperates with the majority of Polish research institutes and academic centres.

We are very glad of that, and on a daily basis, we don’t talk much about it because of being modest – time to change that! Beside the props we receive by Emails or phone calls, it is nice to see references in which we find:

" (...) I am very satisfied with our cooperation and I would gladly undertake it once again for new research projects (...)"

" (...) What deserves special attention is the qualified staff from BioStat, which is their biggest value"

"(...) The BioStat company is very flexible in planning and suggesting solutions, what is considered a great value nowadays"

What is more, this year we earned trust from such pharmaceutical companies as: RocheLekamTakeda PharmaceuticalsTheaPolpharma or Nutricia – as of today our company undertakes local as well as international strategic projects with them. We also successfuly continue current collaboration with our business Partners.

We are hoping that the contracts we win will always bring new impulses for further fruitful collaboration.

Having this in mind, we are constantly trying to work at our best in order to have more and more to offer and change our effort into our business Partners success.