Another 365 days gone by. We will surprise you with our achievements!

Another 365 days gone by. We will surprise you with our achievements!

The final stage for BioStat® in 2018 is to summarize what has happened within last 12 months. We are happy to announce that we have accomplished our plan to 100%.

 2018 was full of innovations, projects, successes, meetings, risks, opportunities and dangers, however, it was worth giving effort. Our company list of worthy clients got enlarged with the following clients and business partners: Abbvie, Biomed Lublin, Bioscience, Celon Pharma, Gedeon Richter, Hasco-Lek, LeoPharma, NovoNordisk, PGF and Roche Diabetes. We are also thankful to all partners that have had confidence in us for so many years. This is the moment to say thank you to Aflofarm, Chiesi, Egis, Lekam, Mabion, Novartis, Novascon, Polpharma, Roche, Servier, ŚUM, Takeda, WUM and many others. Our company enriched with many experts’ references from medical and pharmacy environment as well as science and business one.

Thanks to our methodology we have set our clients’ trends in developing innovations, building at the same time our market position and advantage due to our non-standard attitude and personalized realisation of every project. Our performance to a great extent focuses on reliability, loyalty, punctuality, and individualized customer service.

In 2018, BioStat® team expanded with young, experienced, full of optimism and engagement scientists. Thanks to that, we are constantly growing and becoming more and more versatile company.

One of our key-topics this year was RODO and applying our procedures to meet its criteria. Intensive work, consistent development and willingness to support national digitisation program for health service resulted in the implementation of Medfile on the market which is a ground-breaking program for doctor’s office, and which becomes more and more popular. Undoubtedly, another success was the ProSilesia prize. BioStat® was the laureate of the main prize and was given the opportunity to participate in the international trade fair in Brussels: The RTO Innovation Summit.

BioStat® courage in thinking out yet new scientific solutions resulted in improvement of our™ system, which has brought about a revolution in medical and pharmaceutical market allowing to have control over the research from one place. Our™ system becomes a gold standard in clinical trials. We strongly believe that modern “big data” technology as well as applications in SaaS model we use are big steps for future medical world.

The world is changing, and so are we. Everything we do is to inspire new technologies development on a global scale. As a Polish brand, we build our success not only within the country but also on international markets, showing Polish solutions at the global level. That is why it can be clearly said that we are proud of what we have achieved by so far.

The most important goal for the next year is to make the best of our ideas and the potential of our intellectual and technological resources, as well as increasing the quality of services provided without slowing down with innovations. We are holding talks with new, potential clients and we are sure to surprise you with new achievements in 2019! We are continually increasing our standards and we’re happy to say that many of our business partners, clients, contractors understand this need and see their business opportunity within.

This was a very special year. We are thankful to anyone who contributed to reach for more with BioStat®