Another co-partnership has been established in our company - BioStat Research and Development sp. z o. o.!


We reach for more! – it is not only a slogan but also whole philosophy of our work. Our development is powered by innovations.

We have established out new BioStat Research and Development co-partnership in order to develop new goods and services for research.

The technology that surrounds us is dynamically changing, therefore we focus mostly on implementing new functionality into our systems, developing the existing ones and adjusting them to current market demands.

“We want to focus on the development of our innovative analytical tools and automise business processes. We own extended background and authorial systems, which are used by a number of influential companies from Polish and European market. It is a great basis for reaching for more! A dozen years of experience in business and science have let us understand that providing new solutions and transferring the knowledge from scientific world into business world is an important factor for dynamic growth.” – Rafal Piszczek, the Chairman of the new co-partnership.

What we want to do is:
- to set up new trends,
- to be a technological leader,
- to be considered as a visionary,
- to improve and develop our Partners’ processes on an on-going basis,
- to contribute to their dynamic growth.

We are heading to reach for more!