Cooperation with Celon Pharma


Cooperation with Celon Pharma

We believe that our development and position are inseparably linked to innovations.

Leading Polish companies like Celon Pharma, by providing modern therapies to their patients build the quality of pharmaceutical industry. We discern our own role in having active influence on developing new therapies. Our company supports scientific-developmental activity of Celon Pharma by providing them with eCRF.bizTM software within the project "Nowa terapia S-ketaminą w leczeniu depresji lekoopornej" [“New use of S-Ketamine in treating drug-fast depression”] .

"We aid initiatives which create friendly environment for science, medicine and innovativeness, as well as we assist in having everyone fully use their potential. We feel responsible for developing innovativeness both in Poland and in the world, as we are pleased that we may participate in such projects” – Chairman, Rafał Piszczek

Thank you for the confidence You place in us every day.