eCRF.biz™ system conquers the Polish market

eCRF.biz™ system conquers the Polish market

BioStat® is a brand not only known for statistics and analyses. Our company position has significantly changed in recent years thanks to eCRF.biz™ software, which revolutionised the world of clinical trials in the local market.

Our experience in carrying out clinical trials has confirmed our beliefs that the effectiveness of the research activities taken depends on the comprehensibility of the whole process. Being bold in thinking about the development of scientific projects has led us to the point of designing the tool that BioStat® can be now proud of.

The eCRF.biz™ system is a leading and constantly developing product of BioStat® allowing for global maintenance and keeping data organisation from clinical trials conducted all over the world with only one app. The level of innovations used can be definitely described as ground-breaking.

In the face of constantly changing the digital environment and formal requirements, we optimize the system and adjust it to the real needs of our Clients. The positive feedback from the Clients and recognition earned for the system creators reveals in an even more optimistic attitude towards reaching for superior effects.

We think that the time is ripe to make an intensive expansion abroad and soon we will have the opportunity to show up at several important events as well as in the media.