Expansion to the Estonian market

Expansion to the Estonian market

Biostat® will provide the technological solutions necessary for the management of the clinical trials at the Estonian market in the therapeutic field of oncology.

Research and Development Centre Biostat® has begun its collaboration with an Estonian stethoscope producer – Interspectrum company, which along with Medicīnas sabiedrība ARS and with the support of scientists from the University of Tartu, is developing a non-invasive and completely safe method of detecting breast cancer at early stages. The project of this clinical trial is sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund, through a cross-border collaboration programme Estonia-Latvia Interreg Estonia Latvia.

“We are intensifying the international expansion, building our recognition in Europe and gaining interest of foreign companies. Currently, we are working intensely on entering the Scandinavian and Russian markets as well” comments Rafał Piszczek, CEO at BioStat®

For the Biostat® brand, it is particularly important that these studies are in the field of modern oncological diseases diagnostics. Considering the past three decades, a constant growth in cancer incidence in Poland is observed, and according to the data from the WHO (World Health Organization) malignancies are one of the top death causes around the world.

We feel extreme satisfaction that we are supporting the clinical trials which can aid confronting malignant diseases.