haloDoctor - a new telemedicine service connects the patient with the doctor

haloDoctor - a new telemedicine service connects the patient with the doctor

HaloDoctor telemedicine platform makes a strong entrance to the Polish market.


Just in two weeks after launching this telemedicine platform we already provide:

  • 300 doctors / specialists (another 300 in the implementation process)
  • over 40 different specializations available
  • Service open 24/7


After two weeks from the start of we already have 300 doctors providing the telemedicine services. Patients can choose from 40 different specialties. Another 300 specialists are in the process of implementation. Doctors are available in the 24/7 model. Through the portal, the Patient will receive medical advice, e-Prescription, electronic sick leave certificates as well as a comprehensive telemedicine service with home appliances.

We expect that the volume of available doctors and specialists on the platform will exceed 1,000 per month. We hope that the platform will soon be as popular as our Electronic Health Record - (we currently support over 5,000 doctors / specialists and several million visits). Simultaneously to the installation on the Polish market, we also enter world markets. The program does not require complicated installations from the doctor and employment of an IT specialist - all you need is a laptop with Internet access.

Rafał Piszczek, CEO of Medfile S.A. and Biostat sp. z o.o.


At, the patient will find specialists such as: general practitioner, dermatologist, internist, cardiologist, gynecologist - obstetrician, surgeon, aesthetic medicine doctor, ophthalmologist, internal medicine specialist, urologist, nutritionist, allergist, laryngologist, neurologist, pediatrician, endocrinologist, pediatric physiotherapist, urogynecological physiotherapist, gastrologist, child psychologist, venereologist, vascular surgeon, internal medicine doctor, orthopedist, sexologist, andrologist, geneticist, gynecologist, osteopath, pediatric psychiatrist, angiologist, neonatologist, pediatric ophthalmologist, pulmonologist, rheumatologist, angiologist, audiologist-phoniatrist, pediatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, diabetologist, immunologist, medical rehabilitation doctor, sports medicine physician, speech therapist, nephrologist, oncologist, optometrist, dentist, psychologist, physiotherapist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist.


HaloDoctor is a pioneering solution that connects patients, doctors and specialists online. The telemedicine service enables people seeking medical help and online consultations to reach a specialist directly - without waiting, without queues, without having to sit in the doctor’s waiting room.


Joint work of Medfile® S.A. and the BioStat® research unit sets a completely new quality on the e-Health market. Therefore, the digitization of the Polish healthcare system enters a new stage.


"We have created a platform that introduces remote medicine from the sphere of plans and strategies to the daily practice of doctors. HaloDoctor closes the entire e-Consultation process in one multi-module application. It is no exaggeration to say that the launch of telemedicine platforms begins a new era in medicine, in relations between the patient and the doctor. It will change so many things in medicine that is even difficult to name or even describe all the consequences"- says Rafał Piszczek, CEO of


E-Prescriptions have become a milestone in the dissemination of telemedicine in Poland. Their introduction significantly simplifies the procedure of issuing prescriptions, and above all, it is a convenience for patients who can obtain the necessary drugs without the need to make an appointment at the doctor's office. From January, the patient can receive a prescription by e-mail or SMS in the form of a Code. Medfile® has gone even a step further - a physician using Medfile® can issue and send an e-Prescription to the Patient even if the Patient does not have an Internet Patient Account.


"At, we have developed an ideal solution for doctors and patients, in which by using one application you can manage the appointment schedule, medical documentation of patients, book teleconsultations, issue an e-Prescription for the patient" - explains Dr. Eng. Ewa Tkocz-Piszczek, vice-president of the BioStat® Research and Development Center - "I believe that this solution will significantly simplify contacts between doctors and patients".


In order to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19 infection by limiting personal contacts with patients, the National Health Fund (NFZ) reminded Primary Healthcare (POZ) service providers on March 15, 2020 about the possibility of providing services in the form of telemedicine (E-Visits).


As part of e-Visits, you can issue an e-Prescription, electronic order for medical devices, providing the patient with the number that the patient will use during its implementation.


At the same time, the NFZ indicates that telemedicine may be provided, reported or accounted only when the scope of necessary activities to be performed for the benefit of the patient does not require the personal presence of medical personnel. [source: NFZ]


The platform is available to patients on the haloDoctor website. The platform was created on the basis of the experience of the Medfile® platform, which is excellently developing on the Polish e-Health market. While Medfile® primarily offers office software for doctors, the Telemedicine Clinic program offered to offices was created with patients in mind. Medfile® automates and speeds up service - from registration to issuing e-Prescriptions. Telemedicine Clinic allows clinics to quickly configure e-Visits and simplifies contact with a specialist doctor and enables obtaining a comprehensive online consultation - remotely, using only a computer or smartphone. This platform was developed at the BioStat® Research and Development Center.


On the website, the patient will receive assistance equivalent to personal advice in a specialist office. The patient simply indicates the ailments or searches for a doctor whose help he would like to use. Remote advice is provided by doctors who run their own offices or work in clinics.


The platform provides information on which doctor is available and how (online consultation or stationary visit). The person seeking advice, in turn, has the option to book an e-Visit, provide documentation in electronic form, obtain advice and e-Prescription, as well as a convenient service fee (usually cheaper than a visit to the office). The patient and the doctor can also freely decide whether the teleconsultation will take place in the form of a video chat, text chat or telephone conversation. Both the consultation process and documentation can be automatically archived. During next consultations, these data can be conveniently and quickly used, without incurring unnecessary additional costs or fear that the documentation will be incomplete or will be lost.


During the test phase, Medfile® enabled the use of the platform to several dozen doctors of various specialties. Already these first experiences - including communication with the patient, data transfer and collection, time-saving advice and the ability to get help almost immediately and at any time - encourage further development of the platform.


"The development of a complete system, including testing and implementation, takes more than half a year of work for a total of several people in three teams" - explains Szymon Błąkała, member of the supervisory board of Medfile S.A. and the leader of the R&D section at the BioStat® Research and Development Center - "The aim of our activities was the maximum simplification and transparency of the platform, both for the patient and the doctor. We strive to ensure that a person needing remote medical advice has the opportunity to contact a specialist doctor as soon as possible, in a way that is not only convenient and safe, but also guarantees high quality of e-Visit". in numbers

  • Medfile® has already completed 3.5 million visits.
  • 200,000 patients per month use the advice of over 5,000 doctors and specialists.
  • 150,000 e-Receptions per month.


"We are seeing a huge interest in telemedicine services," says Rafał Piszczek. - "The potential of the platform is unlimited, because its users decide directly on the efficiency of its operation and range. On our part, we provide a set of convenient tools and maintenance of the ICT system. Need for telemedicine services - both from doctors and patients - is huge, because everyone can see the obvious benefits of this form of contact today".


How does an online consultation work?

Choose a specialist

Use a transparent schedule to choose a date of your E-Visit

Choose form of E-Consultation: Chat, Video or Phone

After the e-Visit you receive: description of test results, e-Prescription, diagnosis.

Consult your results today with


Information about Medfile®

Medfile® is an Electronic Health Record  created by the Biostat® Research and Development Center. Biostat® is a commercial technological and scientific unit that is a leader on the Polish market in the field of new technologies and applications used in clinical research and e-Health. The brand was founded in 2005 and carries out the mission of transferring knowledge from the world of science to the world of business by promoting new solutions in the field of IT and Big Data. EDM Medfile® supports 100 thousand visits per month.


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Information about haloDoctor is a new telemedicine service. It allows for quick and convenient telemedicine consultations: e-Visits (online consultations via video, chat or phone call with a doctor). The telemedicine service enables contact with doctors of many specialties without waiting in line. During the e-Visit, a doctor or specialist may issue an e-Release or e-Prescription. Monitoring health through the haloDoctor platform is safe.


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The software producer is the BioStat® Research and Development Center.


The company is among the commercial research units with the status of R&D Center in the register kept by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

For 16 years we have been supporting healthcare entities as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies by providing services related to programming, statistics, IT support and the implementation of clinical trials.


Cooperation with BioStat gives you the opportunity to deduct R&D tax relief and to implement various types of grants and subsidies (e.g. Innovation Grant) in cooperation with us.


We are looking forward to doing business with you,


Rafał Piszczek