Medfile® – our next brand with full protection of the Polish Patent Office

Medfile® – our next brand with full protection of the Polish Patent Office

The challenges of the dynamically changing market are not only related to providing services at the highest quality level and responding to the needs and expectations of customers but also building the brand image and reputation. A trademark that identifies the brand among clients as a provider of specific services is such a link and tool that allows creating a relationship between the product and a customer.
BioStat® has been consequently developing innovative tools that have been protected by the Polish Patent Office in our portfolio for many years. We are pleased to inform you that the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland granted protection to the Medfile® trademark, thanks to which we have become the actual owner of our brand. Medfile® is our tool used for running electronic medical documentation as part of the BioStat® project ‘Digitisation and Machine Learning in healthcare’. Owning the patent protection of our trademark, which is the legal protection of our product, we can further implement our development and promotion strategy based on our plans, indicators and values.

EDM Medfile® is a well-recognised and awarded brand on the Polish market. In June 2019, together with™, RSS, SurvGo™ it became the winner of a competition organised by the Brief magazine 50Most Creative in business! Additionally, in October 2018 EDM Medfile® being in the BioStat® group of tools, received the Pro Silesia award thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions in the communication of institutions involved in the therapeutic process of their patients.

Obtaining the legal protection of the Medfile® trademark means both protecting our company business and increased security of our users. The registered trademark stands for a guarantee of our company’s reputation and client’s trust in the quality of our services.

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