On-going collaboration with Celon Pharma

On-going collaboration with Celon Pharma

The Customer needs have always been prioritized at BioStat. This is the basic for the philosophy our company derives from.

Our company receives many inquiries for collaboration every day as far as clinical trials are concerned. The institutions that reach out to us the most are pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, institutes, medical centres, CRO’s, hospitals, freelancers indicating prospective scope of cooperation. The interest in our services is constantly increasing making us even more attractive business partner. 

The cooperation model we establish is different each time, yet it mostly focuses on our authorial eCRF.bizTM system, that becomes a gold standard in research not only on the Polish market. Being given so many positive recommendations, our company earns and builds its advantage over the competition. At the same time, large interest in BioStat services gives us the privilege to decide which company we would like to develop the collaboration with and work further.

The effective dialogue and subsequent prompt feedback to the customer demands as well as flexibility results in yet further contracts. The growth of clinical trials sector requires us to constantly develop our research tools.

Every project becomes a source of inspiration for future development, and we as BioStat – the company with  aspirations, would like to set trends and good practices in gathering and maintaining data.

Celon Pharma – the company that consequently enlarges the portfolio of innovative medicine has invited us to another collaboration. We all agree on the fact that a strong business partner such as our company is the crucial element that results in overall research success.