R & D as the driving force for business - an interview with Rafał Piszczek


In the latest release of "Why STORY" an interview with the CEO of BioStat®

Rafał Piszczek talks about the driving force for business. It is mostly about how research can be used in the activities of distributors, producers and public institutions.

The topics discussed in the interview include:

- knowledge gives you an advantage in business. How can knowledge be sold? What is the difference between academic work and activities of an entrepreneur in the research sector?

- the transfer of knowledge between the scientific world and business is a hot topic. How does it look from the practical side?

- is digitization in medicine effective?

Currently, most companies base their strategies on research. Thus, it is BioStat® that provides them with information that can be used in making strategic decisions, especially those related to innovation.

Rafał Piszczek, who among others values the ability to find a work-life balance, talked about how a research company operates and whether there is a place for academic work in the business.