Summary of the conference called "Clinical trials – news and challenges in 2019"

Summary of the conference called "Clinical trials – news and challenges in 2019"

On April 2-3, our company took part in a conference "Clinical trials – news and challenges in 2019" organized per the initiative of Medical Pro Events. The conference took place at the Golden Floor Congress Centre in Warsaw.

The lectures were conducted by the representatives of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices, Law Firms specializing in Pharmaceutical Law as well as independent experts. On behalf of BioStat®, dr Marian Płaszczyca gave a speech on the topic of digitizing the data collection process in clinical trials and future perspectives. It would be impossible to list all the interesting topics raised during the conference, yet all the discussions were dominated by the following topics: legal changes and new requirements in the process of issuing permissions for clinical trials, Regulation 536/2014, EMA work on the portal and database, a lately constituted organ – The Medical Research Agency, literature reviews or methods of effective recruitment of patients for clinical trials. The subject of the presented speeches proved that many factors influence the development of the clinical trials market, and which all process stakeholders decide about to varying degrees.

There is one main conclusion drawn from the conference –there is a lot of work to be done, but we think that Poland has a good chance to reach the leadership among countries that are promoted to carry out such projects on an international scale.

Thank you to all conference participants for creating a very friendly atmosphere.