12 – the largest database of physiotherapists. Electronic Medical Documentation. – the largest database of physiotherapists. Electronic Medical Documentation.

We know how important is being on the Net as far as the promotion of one’s own goods/services is concerned. We are also aware of the fact that such activities deal with additional costs. Meeting the needs of physiotherapists, we have designed a tool that allows for creating and enlarging the range of one’s practice among patients altogether with ensuring about one’s higher daily, monthly and annual income. is a database dedicated to experts in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, massage and other branches. Being in the database means that the website for your practice/establishment is entirely cost-free. It can be designed by using an intuitive template created by our team and the online registration form  for patients makes the users willingly fill it in, so the specialist can focus on his/her work.

One tool – many benefits.

We believe that our portal  is a perfect tool that allows to have one’s practice more recognisable among patients and thereby among potential Clients. Thanks to the integration of the app with Electronic Medical Documentation ‘Medfile’( the patients’ documentation can be managed in an electronic way. Moreover, the system can notify the patient of an incoming visit by sending an SMS.

We kindly invite all physiotherapists to make an active use of the functions offered and share that knowledge with other specialists. Together, we can build an impressive database with all physiotherapists in Poland.