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The range of services offered by specialists at BioStat® Research Agency includes support for statistical analyses for complex research projects. We perform statistical analyses for scientific research and business activities.


Expert Actions

If you are seeking qualified experts who can elevate the quality and substantive value of the statistical data in your scientific work or business project, BioStat® Statistical Center is the ideal partner for collaboration. Our team of experts, consisting of specialists from various fields such as biotechnology, mathematical analysis, statistics, economics, medical statistics, applied mathematics, will conduct thorough statistical analyses to meet your needs.


The Research Process

A research project, data collection, and in-depth analysis are the three stages of conducting precise statistical analyses by BioStat® Research Agency.

The first stage of research includes:

  • Preparation of a statistical analysis plan and study protocol
  • Appropriate sampling method selection
  • Data randomization process
  • Development of CRF-type questionnaires
  • Database project preparation
  • Selection of statistical analysis methods


The second stage of statistical analyses involves data collection, including:

  • Creation of the final database
  • Conducting electronic system-based surveys
  • Data entry control
  • Preparing data for detailed statistical analysis
  • Graphic presentation of results


The final stage is statistical analyses, during which we use the methods most appropriate to the research objective:

  • Univariate and multivariate analyses,
  • Statistical models, tests and correlations,
  • Transitional analyses and reports,
  • Survival analyses.


The final report from the conducted statistical analysis is also provided by the BioStat® Statistical Center.


Requirements and Standards

Scientific statistical analyses prepared by BioStat® Research Agency adhere to established standards. We also tailor research projects to the specific requirements of clients, supervisors, and universities. We assist in preparing scientific publications for renowned journals on the Philadelphia list and in developing synopses of conducted research for scientific congresses, conferences, and industry meetings.


Collaborating with BioStat® will yield the desired results. We invite you to contact our team!


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