Brand awareness research

Brand research Understanding market position
Brand awareness research The essence of brand recognition Measuring brand awareness Not just branding Why it's worthwhile Costs - Can you afford to cut research costs while investing heavily in marketing?

Brand awareness research

Branding is one aspect that shapes consumer choices; in their opinion, it is best to opt for products/services from well-known and reliable brands. Therefore, brand recognition translates into its capital - it is worth managing it effectively through promotional activities based on reliable brand awareness research.

The essence of brand recognition

A brand, as a distinctive feature of each enterprise, allows identifying its products, guarantees their high quality, and attracts consumer attention. Its recognizability among other brands (known as brand awareness) is related to the brand's existence in the consumer's mind and the catalog of associations they have about it. To monitor these aspects, as well as the current value and strength of the brand, brand awareness research is conducted.

Measuring brand awareness

Research on consumer brand awareness focuses on determining the extent to which a consumer can recognize a given brand and associate it with a specific product/service category. The research methodology in this area is based on three indicators:
Spontaneous Brand Awareness
– the percentage of respondents who can name a brand from a given product group without any assistance from the interviewer;
Prompted Brand Awareness
– the percentage of respondents who declare familiarity with a brand from a given product group after its name is mentioned by the interviewer;
Top of Mind Awareness (TOM)
– the percentage of respondents who spontaneously mention a specific brand as the first one among brands from a given product group.
Brand awareness research can be conducted one-time or cyclically to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities. Effective brand recognition measurement is enabled by:
  • Telephone surveys (CATI)
  • Online surveys (CAWI)
  • Focus group interviews (FGI/IDI)
  • Paper-based surveys (PAPI)
  • Computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI)


Not just branding

Brand knowledge often constitutes just one thematic block of consumer research. Brand awareness research is supplemented with measurements of other significant information about branding, products, or services. Along with Brand Awareness, the following are also examined:
  • Brand perception;
  • Purchase satisfaction;
  • Brand loyalty;
  • Shopping habits.

Why it's worthwhile

A brand is one of the most valuable assets of any enterprise—it's its hallmark and symbol. Brand awareness research allows for:
  • Effectively promoting the brand;
  • Shaping a positive brand image;
  • Strengthening brand loyalty;
  • Building competitive advantages in the FMCG market.
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Costs - Can you afford to cut research costs while investing heavily in marketing?

Brand awareness and recognition research after marketing/advertising campaigns account for only a few percent of the marketing campaign's budget. It allows for a real assessment of the campaign's effectiveness, understanding customer opinions about the campaign, drawing conclusions, and making a real evaluation of the positive and negative elements of the campaign.
- It is equally important to understand brand awareness before the marketing campaign. It largely helps to identify areas that need support. The planned campaign will then be targeted at the brand's real needs, making it more effective, which has a real impact on the budget - explains Dr. Monika Jaremków, Director of R&D at the Biostat Research and Development Center.
  • Sensory analysis
  • Market potential research
  • Market structure research
  • Market segmentation research
  • Marketing strategy research
  • Brand capital research
  • Market position research
  • Media noise research
  • Advertising research
  • Defining target groups
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Shopping preferences research
  • Consumer tests
  • Retail audit research
  • Market research
  • Research implementation scheme
  • Research methods and techniques
See sample implementations. Case study: "Brand image research"

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Frequently asked questions

How to define brand personality?

Brand personality can be defined as a set of human traits that a customer can associate and identify with. It refers to the intangible dimension of the brand, so we talk about its personality without referring to its physical characteristics and functional attributes.

What benefits can we gain from brand awareness research?
By understanding our target group, we can conduct more effective promotional activities and build an advantage over our competition. Thanks to the research, we will also be able to shape a positive perception of the brand, while on the other hand, strengthening loyalty among our consumers.
Conducting effective marketing and sales activities will earn us a stable group of recipients who will stay with us for years.
Is it worth developing a marketing strategy before conducting research?
Developing a good marketing strategy is extremely important from the perspective of a prospering enterprise, so it is worth spending time on it.
It should be tailored to the specifics of the market in which it will be used. The expert appointed for this task will certainly take into account the current market situation and its forecasted changes in the future.
The entire marketing strategy must align with the previously adopted mission and vision of the enterprise, as well as its goals. The target group and persona should also be considered when creating the strategy.
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