Research on brand awareness

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Research on brand awareness

A brand serves as a kind of business card for a company, enabling the identification of its products, guaranteeing their quality, and sparking customer interest. Due to its identification aspect, a brand plays an extremely significant role in the selection and subsequent purchase of a product, where it, along with the price, constitutes the fundamental factors influencing consumer buying behavior.


Measurement of brand awareness

Brand awareness can be measured using the following indicators:

  • Spontaneous awareness

– indicates the percentage of respondents who spontaneously mentioned a particular brand (without prompting from the interviewer).

  • Assisted awareness

– allows determining the percentage of respondents who mentioned the surveyed brand from a list of brands classified within a specific industry.

  • TOM (Top Of Mind) awareness

– indicates the percentage of respondents who spontaneously mentioned the surveyed brand in the first position.

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)

– a loyalty indicator for a brand's customers. The nature of this indicator allows for comparing data within a specific segment, both in the local and global markets.

  • SOW (Share Of Wallet)

– the customer's share in the wallet/basket; this indicator illustrates the level of customer loyalty to a particular brand, along with determining their purchasing capabilities. However, in the case of SOW, there is a requirement for conducting systematic research on numerous research samples.

  • CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)

– a customer satisfaction indicator; it allows for measuring both customer expectations and their satisfaction with a brand's products.



Benefits of conducting the study.

  • Verification of the level of brand awareness among the target group of buyers.
  • The possibility of verifying the level of customer loyalty to a particular brand.
  • Determination of the level of customer satisfaction.
  • The ability to identify directions for brand development.
  • Enables adjusting the marketing strategy to the expectations of product buyers.
  • Understanding the expectations of both current and potential customers.


- Brand awareness research is often conducted before building a marketing strategy. It allows activities to be planned accordingly. However, it is important to remember to correctly select the target group of the study; it should be appropriate for the brand. The next step is to choose the methods that will enable us to achieve our goal - explains Dr Monika Jaremków - R&D Director at the Biostat Research and Development Centre.


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Brand awareness studies can be conducted through:

Telephone surveys (CATI)

Online surveys (CAWI)

Focus Group Interviews/In-Depth Interviews (FGI/IDI)

Paper surveys (PAPI)

Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI)


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Frequently asked questions

Is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness is particularly important for products in the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) category, i.e., those that are quickly sold. Good brand awareness shortens the consumer's decision-making process, encouraging faster purchases through a system of positive associations.

What essential functions should a good brand contain?
  • Identification - It is important for the brand to stand out among similar brands in the market.
  • Promotional - The brand should attract consumers and serve as an incentive for purchases.
  • Guaranty - It is crucial for the brand to assure its consumers of high-quality products.
Is conducting brand awareness research time-consuming?

It depends on the complexity of the questionnaire and the size of the research sample. Research conducted through online survey techniques is a significant advantage in this regard, as it can be completed in just a few days.

What data can I receive after conducting the study?

After completing the study, our researchers provide clients with a response database in Excel format, and upon request, they can also provide summaries with charts. Additionally, upon prior request, there is the possibility of preparing a research report with findings and research recommendations. All details related to the provision of specific data are agreed upon before starting the project.

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