Balance of students' competencies - BioStat® for AGH Krakow


Together with one of the most prestigious universities in Poland, we continue to develop students' competences as part of the "Integrated Development Program of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow." The project is co-financed by the European Social Fund. Thanks to the mutual cooperation with our academic partner, we contribute to a better start of university graduates in the labour market. As part of our cooperation, we will diagnose competence gaps of 4,000 students and thanks to that we will be able to provide appropriate training programs.

The implementation of the initial and final balance of students' competences by BioStat® will allow to diagnose competency gaps and to assess the implemented curriculum. Thanks to our innovative methodology, we will verify the competence of students in 33 areas. Emphasizing both, aspects of professional knowledge, as well as emotional intelligence and psychological factors. Thanks to many years of experience and a team of experts we were able to improve the competencies of nearly 10,000 students at several prestigious universities. The implementation of such projects contributes to a better professional start for young people and to enterprises to find competent candidates.


More about running competence balances of students can be read on: Balance of competence