Medfile EDM – our program lines with the Guidelines on The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists!


The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists (KIF) has announced on the basis of many inquiries on medical e-documentation and EMD that in accordance with the Act on the Profession of Physiotherapy (25 September 2015) art. 9 pt. 4 (Journal of Laws, Item 1994 and 2017, item 505) the physiotherapist is obliged to keep records of medical documentation. The documentation includes any data and medical information on patients’ medical condition gathered and shared as far as medical practice in physiotherapy is concerned. The main aim of the medical documentation is that it scrupulously refers to the diagnostic-therapeutic process which is the basis for the treatment. The medical documentation can be verified and analysed by the KIF during any disciplinary procedure exercised against a physiotherapist.

We took any formal and legal condition into consideration while working on the program for Electronic Medical Documentation Medfile. We know how crucial is the KIF opinion if a physiotherapist is about to choose a program for Electronic Medical Documentation.

KIF standpoint is clear – we need to adapt to the trends that result from digitisation of medical service, since such measures increase the competitiveness of medical offices as well as they increase the opportunities for winning contracts with Polish National Health Service (NFZ).

We are glad that Medfile meets the demands and fulfils all requirements.

It is worth joining the EMD world with us!

You will find more about KIF Guidelines EMD for physiotherapist at Medfile blog.