Results from the evaluation of project „Special vocational training towards information technology” ["Specjalne szkolnictwo zawodowe wobec technologii informatycznych"]


We have finished an evaluation study for the part of the project „Special vocational training towards information technology”[„Specjalne szkolnictwo zawodowe wobec technologii informatycznych”], carried out in the voivodeship of Western Pomerania 2012-2015.

We were evaluating the product consisting of four elements (training programs for teachers, methodic coursebooks, methodology of creating multimedia content, multimedia training platform) which aim was to design, test, as well as popularize and implement to the course of development of innovative model for applying multimedia content to the perception of people with soft mental impairment for the sake of vocational training.

The most important conclusions drawn from this study are as follows:

More information on the project itself can be found at this website