Talents of Western Pomerania – regional scholarship system


Our company was carrying out an evaluation study from October to December 2014 concerning project called „Talents of Western Pomerania – regional scholarship system” [„Zachodniopomorskie talenty - regionalny system stypendialny”], conducted by the Voivodeship Labour Office in Szczecin and dedicated to notably talented middle and high school students from the voivodeship for whom a difficult financial situation is a barrier as far as educational development is concerned.

We reached for the opinions on the project among scholarship holders, their parents, headmasters and teachers from educational institutions as well as Labour Office employees (members of the design and deployment team), we also acquainted ourselves with the documentation.

The scholarship project "Zachdniopomorskie talenty" was provided for the years 2013-2015. It takes place under the Operational Program Human Capital (sub-measure 9.1.3 Scholarship aid for notably talented students).

We are pleased to announce that this scholarship system provides an effective solution and is a proper response to the students as well as their parents or legal guardians.

To the most important conclusions driven by our analysts the following should be pointed out:

More information regarding the program itself can be found at the Szczecin Labour Office website