The assessment of developmental programs for schools of Małopolska region


We are pleased to inform that at the end of the previous year, our company finished a number of projects, including two of them for the Marshal's Office of the Voivodeship of Małopolska. The first of them concerned the assessment of developmental programs for schools in terms of Sub-measures 9.1.2 PO KL. In order to obtain the information necessary for the analysis, we carried out interviews with schools headmasters and teachers, as well as with representatives of the leading authorities, superintendent of schools, Voivodeship Labour Office.

It turned out that the schools participating in the project were provided with comprehensive actions for the needs of students of various categories (poor and gifted students, starting and finishing their education). The activities were mostly: group works, educational trips for students, collaboration with external institutions (universities, media, production companies), larger number of classes with the use of encouraging teaching methods. It is of no doubt that the developmental program contributed to the growth of the quality of education among schools providing general education, what is reflected in students' better outcome as far as the external examinations are concerned.

More information can be found at the Marshal's Office of the Voivodeship of Małopolska


The following studies conducted for the Małopolska Marshal's Office will be placed soon on our website.