The assessment of Voivodeship Development Strategy – Podkarpackie 2020


The Voivodeship Development Strategy – Podkarpackie 2020 research is another project completed by our company in the last quarter of 2014.

Our task was to analyse the index from the first year the Strategy was deployed (from August 2013 to October 2014). Its aim was to assess the degree of VDS implementation, including the achievements of the effects assumed in various thematic priorities.

Hence, we examined the degree of achieving strategic and operational objectives for the Strategy in terms of the results rates build on it (measured the changes in the quality of region residents lives). We used both, public statistical data and financial documentation (voivodeship budget, financial projections) as well as list of activities undertaken in the analysed period of time within national operational programs. We completed them with data obtained from quantitative examination on the groups of local authority units and business entities from the voivodeship as well as from the qualitative interviews conducted with the representatives from various departments of the Marshal's Office and different groups of regional actors.

We stated that after the first year of the Strategy implementation, we may speak about definite effectiveness in terms of the activities dedicated to the development of the business environment institution and improvement of public transport accessibility. An appropriate direction of changes was seen also in the area of supporting industry (one should await for the activities to become effective, what should reflect in changes among different sectors, such as tourism and agriculture).

The results from the analyses conducted indicate a noticeable progress in the voivodeship since VDS has been implemented. It is showed in the changes within value indicators, where for the general number of indicators (168), in case of 32 the assumed value has been reached or exceeded. The increased value of indicators monitoring Strategy implementation was noticed immediately for the following 71 positions.

It also turned out that financial expenses falling upon the self-government of the Voivodeship of Sub-Carpathia and planned for oncoming years can be insufficient to have the different thematical priorities aims achieved. It seems to be essential to use the European Union funds to have the Voivodeship Development Strategy – Podkarpackie 2020 fully accomplished. It is also necessary to activate particular local authorities and private business units to take actions against the plans in VDS.

The report created by our researchers on the basis of these analyses will help the local authorities assess the accuracy of the plans, aims and thematical priorities of the Strategy, as well as answer to question regarding how much have they reflected in rational pro-development effects (especially in terms of the degree of achieved aims and the cohesion of development programming with the most important national and EU strategic documents as well as the change of indicators monitoring the realisation of VDS).

More information on the Strategy itself can be found at the Marshal's Office of the Voivodeship of Sub-Carpathia.