Statistical Assistance

for Scientific Research

Quality and Reliability Guarantee

We encourage all doctoral candidates and researchers to explore our statistical assistance offerings. With the support of BioStat® experts, your thesis defense will be a mere formality, and your scientific publication will be a resounding success. We have been conducting statistical data analyses for 15 years, which allows us to guarantee that the conclusions you obtain will be entirely error-free.

Statistical Assistance at Every Stage

  • Research Design  - we assist in preparing research questions, hypotheses, as well as selecting objectives, tools, and sample size for statistical analysis.
  • Methodological Support - we take into account all guidelines provided by your supervisor to ensure smooth collaboration.
  • Data management - the flawless coding and validation of data are ensured by our proprietary electronic platform, eCRF.bizTM. It also allows for constant data processing correctness checks and the removal of significantly deviating values.
  • Statistical Analyses - we conduct descriptive, predictive, and comparative analyses, correlation and statistical significance tests, as well as variance and regression analyses, among others.
  • Results Presentation - after conducting all calculations, we prepare a report in the form of conclusions, charts, and tables.

Why Collaborate with Us?

  • 15 years of experience.
  • Highly qualified team of experts.
  • Thousands of conducted statistical research projects.
  • Business and academic experience - statistical assistance for both researchers and business analyses.
  • Continuous commitment to development.
  • Proprietary analytical software, eCRF.bizTM.
  • Publications in Philadelphia-listed journals.


Recommended Actions
Operating in the market for 15 years, we have built a strong position as a research agency, recognized in the Polish business and scientific communities. Recommendations from our projects for leaders in sectors such as:

  • Medical-pharmaceutical
  • Marketing-sales
  • Scientific
  • Public institutions
highlight our pride in the achieved successes. We are also aware of our responsibility for entrusted research, which is why we carry out projects with the utmost care, integrity, and in constant cooperation with the client.
Statistical support by the BioStat® expert team is not only statistical assistance in scientific work and business but also support for previously conducted statistical activities, including:
  • Corrections and improvements for previously completed projects.
  • Training for employees and researchers on handling and managing statistical data.
  • Statistical research consulting.


We invite you to contact our expert, who will provide you with detailed information about our offerings and answer any questions you may have.

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